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#4992855 Taxes in Google Play and other questions

Posted by on 22 October 2012 - 12:55 PM

1. How do I handle taxes on the income I make? Do I have to pay them at all?
2. Do I have to pay taxes to the Italian government (I live in Italy) or the USA?
3. Is there any sort of basic copyright protection I can use for a start?
4. I've heard that I can protect my work just by writing something prohibiting the use of artwork and stuff, is that true?
5. I suppose that to use some copyrighted content (like a song) I need to have the written permittance of the author, but how is it regulated?

1. If Italy has an income tax, then you have to pay tax on your income. Check with Italy's government website.
2. Italy.
3. Yes. Check with Italy's IP protection website.
4. Yes. Copyright is automatic.
5. It's regulated in two ways: (1) the owner of the IP you use without permission can take action against you, have the game removed, and sue you for damages; (2) the Google store might deny you permission to sell your game on their service if they believe you used someone's IP without permission.

Whoah, that was fast. Thanks, that sorted it out for me (finally)

#4941448 Where to start to program a game

Posted by on 19 May 2012 - 09:19 AM

Hmm, i read that article and probably it's better if i learn C# instead. I've never particularly liked the way C++ is scripted either. From what i know C# is much more similar to Squirrel than C++ and also as i understand XNA is a great way of starting up. Thanks for the advices guys, now i know where to begin programming at least.