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How do I centre my model?

26 March 2013 - 07:59 AM



I have created a model in 3DSMax and I have gone to import it into my XNA project.


On importing it I realised that the model is not centred upon reopening it in 3DSMax I have found that my model is not centred and when I selected the model a huge selection box is drawn around the model but there is nothing there.


I have attached my 3DSMax file.


Does anyone know how I can centre it or move the centre position?



C# Missile Command game, need some help please

22 May 2012 - 05:13 AM


I originally posted this in the directx section because I was told by my lecturer that I was programming in directx. Over there I was told I am using C# and that I should post my questions in here. Instead of re-writing all of the problem, here is the link to the other thread.


If you have any input/help feel free to post the answer to either this thread or the other.


Could anyone help me?

20 May 2012 - 01:06 PM

For my assignment at University I am required to create an old arcade game, I chose Missile Command. I have some things working in the game but something I cannot get to work is getting the rocket to fly towards the crosshair (the player) and then stop/explode when it reaches the crosshair location. Does anyone know how I can do it? #

So far I have the rocket flying towards the crosshair but the rocket is not starting from the base (blue triangle), it is starting at the same X coordinate as the crosshair.

My game will be attached to this thread.

To get the game to run you will need to change the directory of the images located on lines 113+ on Form1 as I have not found out how to save the image files within the program.

If you can help can you reply as soon as possible as I have a deadline that is fast approaching and I am focusing all my attention to this part of the game as it it the most important part. Please ignore the falling missiles from the top of the screen, I am also working on this to get them to spawn randomly across the X coordinates.

I have been using Visual Studio 2008 as that is the version used by my Uni.


Edit: To play the game the controls are set up with W, A, S, D for movement and Space for shooting, I am working on getting it to use the mouse.

Edit 2: The Bullet class is the players Rocket (The blue one) and the Rocket class is the NPC rockets (The Red ones).