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Help Choosing Ad Network - Google Play

01 April 2016 - 11:10 AM

Hello, I am about to release a game next month on Google Play.

Having no previous experience with Ad Networks, I want to make the right choice on which should I choose.


I'm developing the game on Game Maker Studio.

So here are the available ad networks for my game.

  • MoPub
  • AdMob
  • Milennial Media
  • AdColony
  • Playhaven

The goal is to maximase the revenue of course. 

I have heard that certain ad networks do a better job on specific type of apps. (Don't know if it's a myth :P )


My game is going to be a puzzle game with many levels. I want to focus more on CPM revenue than IPA revenue.


So anyone who can help me out to choose what's best for me?

I hope I have given you enough information to help me!


Thanks in advance!

Visual Studio C#, Best way to implement many "GUI Panels"

10 November 2015 - 10:34 AM

So I'm a little bit new to Visual Studio. I've had previous experience in Java Swing.


Whats the best way to implement a program which uses multiple "pages".

In Java I had multple panels which I would make them visible or non-visible (I used window builder).


Now on Visual Studio I use multiple forms for each "page" of my application.

Is this the right way to go?

I have also seen multiple panels in the same form, but they are not visible on the design view I think which makes them harder to work with.

TabControl looks very convenient way to manage pages, but I dont want my program to appear like it has tabs,


Is there an open source program which I can "steal" ideas from?

I want to know whats the most professional way to deal with GUI.


Thank you

Easy To Learn Drawing Software

24 September 2015 - 06:01 AM



I need your advice on a specific problem that I have.

My father is a professional painter. He is around 70 years old and he has a very very basic knowledge on using computers.

He can pretty much just serf on the internet (facebook, youtube ect.).


I'm a game programmer and I want to use his skills to create graphics for my game. He can draw anything on paper very easily.

Problem is that we need to implement those drawings in computer graphics.


My question is... What would be the easiest drawing software for my father to learn?


I'm thinking the proccess being like this:

1. Draw the graphics on paper black and white

2. Scan and import on Computer

3. Draw the outlines

4. Coloring


Sadly for some that might be wondering, I have no talent in drawing :P .

Serialize Object to specific directory

07 June 2015 - 10:43 AM

Is there a way where I can serialize my object to a spesific directory?

For example on the Desktop? I don't want the object to be serialized to the project's folder.



Problem Deserializing BufferedImage

05 June 2015 - 04:06 AM

So I'm creating a puzzle game. I got a database which stores all the information of the saved puzzles. That includes an arraylist<PuzzleData> where puzzleData contains the following fields:

String name

BufferedImage transient image

int difficulty.


I serialize the object without any problems (had to add transient to BufferedImage image otherewise i would get io.notseriasableobject expeption).

Then I deserialize the object with no errors.

But when I try to use the data in order to get to play 1 of the puzzles the program gets errors.

Methods of bufferedImage seem to not be working... for example getHeight.


Its like the BufferedImage object got damaged.


Maybe Java has some problems when serializing or deserializing Image,BufferedImage objects?


Thanks in advance