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Epic Zombie

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Epic Zombie's Journal > Dope Runner milestone 3 reached!

Posted 17 January 2013

It has taken a while, but I have reached the third milestone in Dope Runner. Things are starting to look very good now! After this one there’s one more major milestone, followed by the finishing touches, and then the game can be released.So what new features have been added? In the previous version, you could only buy drugs from dealers. Prices fluctuated...

Epic Zombie's Journal > Back on track

Posted 04 January 2013

Things have been quite for a while, but I finally picked up where I left. Not exactly easy, because I kinda lost track of where I was. But I managed to figure it out, and the first thing I had to tackle gave me quite a headache.So here's what the problem was. The app uses GPS, and it had to keep running even when the player opens another app. This means p...

Epic Zombie's Journal > Dope Runner milestone 2 reached!

Posted 05 August 2012

The second milestone (out of 4) of Dope Runner has been reached! Each milestone is a completed, playable sub-project. Here’s what’s included in this one:The player can visit drug dealers and buy and sell drugs. These are placed in the player’s inventory.The payer can access his safe house and store drugs there.Drug prices fluctuate. From time to time, one...