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#5122188 html5 mobile web games, engines

Posted by on 08 January 2014 - 10:46 AM

I've been making android games for a little while now and recently became interested in making html5 games for desktop and mobile web browsers. android games aren't very reliable for income and I've been seeing a lot of basic html5 games selling for a lot of money on sites like marketjs.com. I want to make html5 games that work on mobile browsers and that are actually polished and fun, so that I can fulfill my desire to make mobile games and not be poor at the same time.



I don't know much about javascript/html5 yet, but I plan on learning. Still I want to use an engine or library to make my games because it just saves so much time and I can focus on the parts specific to my games. I am having trouble determining which engines will work on mobile and desktop web browsers(I don't mean gaems that can be compiled to mobile apps, but ones that will run in a mobile web browser like those on marketjs).


It seems like impact.js works on ios browsers from what their site says, I'm not sure about android though. and the other engines don't say much at all aboiut their mobile web support. For regular android games I use libGDX a lot which can compile to html5, but it uses webgl which If I'm correct won't run on mobile web browsers. So I'm just looking for something that is safe to use if my target platforms are mobile and desktop browsers. If anyone can name some engines that they know for sure work for that I can go through them and decide which one best fits my needs. If you want to comment on the engines as well I'd appreciate your input.



I hope someone is able to help me or point me in the right direction, thanks for reading.

#5112824 Platform Architecture Help

Posted by on 28 November 2013 - 01:55 PM

EDIT: I Apologize, after rereading your question I see that this isn't really relevant. I don't know how to delete a post so I'm just leaving this edit. If a mod wants to delete it that's cool. But maybe it'll be helpful to you or someone anyway


I'm not good at this stuff yet, but I'm dealing with something similar in my game so I figured I'd at least give you my two cents, for whatever it's worth, since you don't have any other answers yet.


I have a similar system for collision detection and my gameObject class has a collide(GameObject otherObject) method method in it. when a collision happens, this method is called on both colliding objects, passing the other object as the parameter for both of them of course, and then each individual object handles the reaction. 


The GameObject class that all my objects derive from has a flag for 'dynamic', meaning an object that moves on it's own and reacts to gravity/collisions etc. players and enemies and things that follow the laws of physics are dynamic, while stationary objects and objects like moving platforms that move but only according to a predefined path are dynamic=false. So in the GameObject class I have a default colldie() implementation where if it is dynamic then it just moves the object until it's not colliding anymore and if it's not dynamic it does nothing. If I want different behavior I can always override the collide method for that class.


This way the collision reaction is coupled only to the class of the object that is colliding and colliding objects can handle their own collisions without having to know about anything else other than the object passed into the collide(GameObject) parameter. The one downside is if 2 dynamic objects collide, this would cause the first object who's collide method is called to move until the objects aren't touching and the other object doesn't do anything because by the time it collide()s the objects aren't touching anymore, and this may not be desirable behavior.


I'm considering a couple different ways of handling this:
Either have


if (otherObject.isDynamic && otherObject.isFirstObject) {  

    //determine how far I need to move to not be colliding with the other object, move half that distance

    //Also set isFirstObject to true so that when the second objects collide() method is executed it skips this if block and reacts normally, moving the other half of the way until the objects are no longer touching

} else {

    //react normally, just move until not touching anymore





if (otherObject.isDynamic)

    if (id < otherObject.id) //Only execute the following code if this objects id is lower than the other colliding objects, so it only gets

                                        executed once

         //Insert advanced code to handle the reactions of both objects in one place here, moving them as they should be based on their

                mass and speed and other factors. Maybe reset their velocities based on bounciness to make them bounce or soemthing



I hope my explanations are relevant and that they make sense



Sorry if I got your hopes up when you saw you had a response and you were expecting someone who actually knew what they were talking about haha

#5109783 Having problems with collision detection in 2d platformer

Posted by on 16 November 2013 - 03:29 PM

hmmm, can you post the code for how you draw your enemies as well as how you draw the rings? and with the rings does it just stop working completely after a few rings or does it work randomly or seem like it's just off?

#5109285 Having problems with collision detection in 2d platformer

Posted by on 14 November 2013 - 03:38 PM

Oh i just looked at your render function and it looks like your doing everything the way I'd suggest there. In that case a better solution(the results should be the same but this method just removes unnecessary code) would be this:

			//find the center of the player
			x = player->x + player->width/2;
			y = player->y + player->height/2;

			//get the rings bounding rectangle
			x1 = rings[n]->x; //I removed the - mapxoff here
			y1 = rings[n]->y; //and the - mapyoff here. 
			x2 = x1 + rings[n]->width;
			y2 = y1 + rings[n]->height;

			//now check for collision
			if(inside(x, y, x1, y1, x2, y2)) //THIS IS THE ONLY LINE I CHANGED
				rings[n]->alive = 0;
				play_sample(ringSound, VOL+100, PAN, FREQ, FALSE);
				score += 10;

            x1 = rings[n]->x;    //I removed the - mapxoff here
            y1 = rings[n]->y;    //and the - mapyoff here. 


those are the only 2 lines i changed here, subtracting mapxoff and mapyoff only throws off your collision detection and is unnecessary unless you need it for something else besides collision detection

#5109281 Having problems with collision detection in 2d platformer

Posted by on 14 November 2013 - 03:33 PM

			//find the center of the player
			x = player->x + player->width/2;
			y = player->y + player->height/2;

			//get the rings bounding rectangle
			x1 = rings[n]->x - mapxoff;
			y1 = rings[n]->y - mapyoff;
			x2 = x1 + rings[n]->width;
			y2 = y1 + rings[n]->height;

			//now check for collision
			if(inside(x, y, x1 + mapxoff, y1 + mapyoff, x2 + mapxoff, y2 + mapyoff)) //THIS IS THE ONLY LINE I CHANGED
				rings[n]->alive = 0;
				play_sample(ringSound, VOL+100, PAN, FREQ, FALSE);
				score += 10;

Try replacing the inside of your loop with this, all i did was replace the line:
if(inside(x, y, x1, y1, x2, y2))
if(inside(x, y, x1 + mapxoff, y1 + mapyoff, x2 + mapxoff, y2 + mapyoff))

I think that the problem is that your checking the x and y coordinates of your player(which you aren't subtracting the map x and y offsets from), against the x1/x2/y1/y2 variables in which you are subtracting the mapyoff and mapxoff variables from.
            x1 = rings[n]->x - mapxoff;
            y1 = rings[n]->y - mapyoff;

that part there is messing you up, now your collision detection is off by whatever the value of mapxoff and mapyoff are. I bet the collisions get further and further off the further your screen scrolls right? because these values are increasing.


I only glanced over the other responses but I think this is basically what the other people where saying.



I'd suggest not calculating/caching the mapxoff and mapyoff values in objects positions at all, and only using them in your actual render function. If you don't understand anything post back and I'll try to elaborate more

#5107278 I'm stuck, haven't gotten any better at programming in months

Posted by on 05 November 2013 - 04:20 PM

Wow, a lot of genuinely useful advice here, thanks a lot guys! I am not surprised that I got more helpful responses from GameDev than from all the addiction and mental health and self help forums I've ever posted on combined. I appreciate the well thought out responses that actually address my issues specifically, I was getting very tired of hearing the same cliche's over and over again from people who just read my post, get an idea of what it's about, and post whatever related unthoughtful/unoriginal cliche's and sayings that I've already heard hundreds of times. I had a feeling this would be a good place to get original and REAL advice even on such an unrelated topic :). Man I was getting tired of people trying to help me by telling me NA will solve all my problems, or that I need to 'work towards my goals'(Gee why didn't I think of doing that before!). Okay I'm done being bitter, it's just really refreshing to feel like I'm getting real advice from real people, thanks a lot guys that in itself is helpful :D.



I'm going to post back later with specific responses and more info but I really appreciate the help everyone, especially those who took the time to PM me I received some great advice there as well and am going to message you back later as well. I have a ton of phone calls to make and some procrastinating to do(I earned it I actually got a lot done today :P)


Thanks again everyone :)

#5107004 I'm stuck, haven't gotten any better at programming in months

Posted by on 04 November 2013 - 04:06 PM

NOTE: this post took quite a turn as I was writing it. The post itself is somewhat a reflection of the problem I'm posting about. Please read to the end, if you have the patience to read through my huge rambling post you'll at least be rewarded with an entertaining account of how messed up I am.




I'm making this post because I'm frustrated with my lack of improvement when it comes to programming(and everything else, but that's another story) lately. I've been coding for probably about 2-3 years, inconsistently, but have learned all the basics and feel pretty comfortable with it. I can make simple 2d games and have been doing some small $500 or less freelance jobs to bring in some extra money, most of them are just simple android apps or games. When I first started programming I learned pretty rapidly and enjoyed being able to sit down and teach myself how to do something interesting and new that I couldn't do before. I always had something that I knew I wanted to learn next even when I was still working on the thing before it and learning came naturally. 



For the last few months however, all my time spent programming has been wasted on many different projects that I ended up throwing away for various reasons. At first it was because I wasn't good at OOP and my code would quickly become a nightmare to work with, but that isn't as bad of a problem now as good(relatively) code architecture is one of the very few things I have learned lately. Other projects where thrown away simply because I got tired of the idea or because I abandoned them for my next new exciting idea. I probably have about 5 different game projects that are less than half done and that I have no interest in anymore. These abandoned projects, and maybe a better grasp of OOP and the LibGDX library(my favorite to use since I focus on android/desktop game development), are all that I have to show for the last 4-5 months of programming. In the 4-5 months before that I went from making pong using Swing and awt to basically the point where I'm at now, where I feel comfortable with each individual aspect of 2d game development and with several different libraries and could theoretically program any 2d game that doesn't involve anything overly complicated like difficult ai or graphical effects. And even those things I am comfortable enough that I could pick it up on the go if I needed to have it in my game.



Typing this out I'm starting to realize my problem may be more with just getting things done, and being able to see the results of my progress, rather than with being able to make progress at all. I'm still unhappy with my rate of progress though.


The last month I hardly did any programming at all. I tried to write a game for the PUTT contest and was going to use it as a project to learn how to implement Entity-Component Systems, but after I got the basic framework done I just lost the ability to even read the code. I'd sit down to work and open up eclipse but I'd just stare at my code, unable to focus enough to comprehend my own code and add onto it. The inability to focus is more of a motivation thing, not an actual attention deficit, but I am still unable to overcome it with all my willpower. Nor can I force myself to work on something else or start a new project. I just don't have the motivation to want to do it, or the willpower to make myself do it even though I don't want to. I've had problems with motivation like this my whole life, even to the point of failing 9th grade with straight F's despite A's and B's on my finals because I didn't do homework or classwork and would sometimes even sleep through tests.



Sorry this post is kind of all over the place, I didn't have a clear idea of where I was going with it when I started. I guess I'm looking for some help with my motivation problem, specifically with programming but general advice would be helpful as well as this is a problem that effects me in all aspects of life. The difference between me and and an average lazy person is that most people, regardless of how lazy they are, are able to sit down and force themselves to do something if they know they NEED to do it. I just can't consciously override my decision to sit there and browse the internet and waste time. Most normal people reading this probably won't quite know what I mean, and it's hard to explain. The best way I can explain it is that I consciously know what I want and need to do, and understand that it's going to take effort and I'll have to spend time doing things I don't want to do, I totally comprehend that and definitely think the reward is worth the effort I know I'll have to put in, but when it comes time to actually put in the effort I freeze. I struggle against myself in my own head and almost always lose. It wouldn't be inaccurate to say it feels as if there is another me in my head that I fight against for control of my actions, and the other me always forces me to submit.


Okay this post is long-winded and unorganized enough, I'm just asking for any kind of help or advice that anyone can offer. I have used all of the tools and methods I can think of to overcome this but I can't and it's effecting me greatly. I may just be really fuckin lazy and this is a big rationalization, but I genuinely feel powerless against this issue and like I've already tried everything I can, ready to give up.


other info that may be relevant:

I'm 21 years old


I'm Attending community college, I always end up dropping most my classes before the drop date though, because by the drop date I'm usually already quite far behind on my work. This semester was the worst and I dropped all of my classes, because I had a very long sickness I new I was going to have to deal with and was already having enough trouble keeping up(see below). I've gotten A's in all the classes I have completed but have never done more than 2 classes in one semester. And only completed math and computer science classes.


I'm a recently recovered opiate addict, over a year ago I quit my 2-year heroin addiction and put myself on suboxone maintenance. I quit that cold turkey at the beginning of this school year(month or 2 ago). I decided I wanted to stop being lazy and underacheiving and for some reason thought that drugs were causing my problems, even they they were present before I started using them. Since quitting I have been much worse, possibly due to PAWS(post-acute withdrawal syndrome, a mild form of withdrawal following regular withdrawal. it lasts 6+ months after cessation of opiate use while your brain adjusts to creating it's own endorphines(endorphine literally means endogenous morphine) instead of getting it's supply artificially) but I don't think my habit wasn't big enough to cause such serious PAWS. And I don't have time to wait for it to be over to start doing anything.


I'm most likely bipolar and have social anxiety, although I'm getting much better with the latter. I was diagnosed bipolar 2 but medication made me literally go insane. Also diagnosed OCD but I really just don't have OCD. I feel I relate much better to people with Aspergers than normal people but not sure if I actually have it, probably not. I'm definitely pretty severely depressed, the numb kind of depression not the sad kind.


Okay now that you know how F'd up I am does anyone have any suggestions? Sorry if any of this was inappropriate or if I'm too off topic, feel free to change/delete. I just didn't know what to do or who else to ask, and you guys seem like a smart bunch :).



#5099432 Power Up Table Tennis Contest

Posted by on 07 October 2013 - 06:39 PM

I'm officially joining. 


Great contest idea to motivate beginner/intermediate developers to make a full and complete game with a reasonable scope, just what I needed.

#5098655 Power Up Table Tennis Contest

Posted by on 03 October 2013 - 07:37 PM

I'm gonna get started on a pc/android game for this competition tonight! This month will be perfect cause I have plenty of free time. 


Do any artists who want to win or at least make a genuinely good game want to team up? I already have an idea of what I am going to program for the competition, and I'm going to stick with it because I plan on turning it into an app that I can release on google play after the competition is over and I'm allowed to break the rules. That being said I would still be open to and appreciative of extra ideas and input for the game from the artist if they were willing to join me. Also, we can split up any money the app makes on google play afterwords(i doubt it'll be much, I do plan on going all out and taking this far beyond just pong, but from what I hear the app market isn't such a gold rush anymore unless you are established already)


Based on the rules in the original post, I wanted to ask if a winning game should focus on being as good a game as possible while staying within the rules, or if the winning formula is to just implement all the options and bonus options as strictly as possible, therefore yielding the most points? I already know what game I'm gonna make for the most part, I'm just asking because in my interpretation of the post good design/gameplay/fun didn't seem like the goal of the contest(which is perfectly okay to have a different goal than that, just sucks for me cause I am gonna use this as a way to practice my design skills on a game that's easy to make from a technical pov).


Anyway, please message me if you are an artist, usually I'm very casual about these kind of things but this contest game me an idea that I'm excited about, so I'm only looking for other people who are serious about making this game. The graphics theme will probably be a dark background with glowing/radiant paddes and balls and powerups and whatnot of all different colors(color will be a core part of the mechanics).


Inbox me here if you wanna talk about working together! I'm really easy to work with even when I'm in serious mode, honestly :)

#5077953 Is this project a good way to learn AI programming?

Posted by on 15 July 2013 - 02:15 PM

I'm excited about learning some AI programming. I'm interested in AI in general but right now I just want to get my feet wet with some game AI an eventually get pretty good at it. I have a fun project in mind that would really motvate me to learn but I don't know if it is a viable way to learn or if it is to difficult for a beginner, I don't wanna end up getting in over my head and not being able to learn anything.


My plan is to make a little 2d 'game' where theres just one level - a simple 2d arena - and 2(maybe more but I'll start with 2 for simplicity) 'heroes' on the level. It'll be coded in such a way that heroes can be controlled by various AI brains or by player input. The heroes will have different action-rpg like abilities(actually I'll probably end up basing their abilities mostly on World of Warcraft/League of Legends). It won't be an actual game, more of a sandbox, where the 2 heroes just fight eachother. Either player vs AI or AI vs AI. I want to program everything to the point where its all working smoothly and I have a nice little interface to program my brains into and I can try out different techniques on different heroes and test them out against eachother or against myself in arena combat. I'll probably start out simple with a basic finite state machine and different preprogrammed behavoirs for each state, but eventually want to try out more advanced and fun techniques


My question is if this sounds like a good way to learn AI? Is it too hard for a beginner, is there a better way, etc... The main appeal to me is that it will be fun which wil lmotivate me to learn a lot



#5074344 Android game development?

Posted by on 30 June 2013 - 11:08 PM

For the agreements you can always just lie and say your older, I'm sure you've already done your fair share of that if you've come this far. 


I checked out your game and it looks pretty neat, keep up the good work and I bet you'll have a great future in game development!


The one problem you'll have is dealing with all the money related stuff, like taxes or even just getting paid. you'll need a parent or someone to help with that. If you keep trying and being persistant you'll find a way to get it done.


I'd honestly suggest just taking the time to learn java if you wanna do android, everything else is gonna be a complicated headache to get working right and to learn without and prior android experience. using java in eclipse with the android plugin is definitely the most hassle free way to work with android, it just means your gonna have to set aside some time to really learn at least basic java before you start porting your game over. There are a lot of free android game engines for java also, I'd recommend libgdx or andengine for you. Libgdx is my personal favorite. Or if you don't want to use an engine check out Mario Zechners android game programming book. I know you don't like books but If you can force yourself to go through a whole book carefully and do everything the auther says to the letter, you'll feel like an expert by the time your done. I used to hate reading technical books too but when I need to learn something quickly and thoroughly I force myself to read a book and make sure I understand every line in the entire book without telling myself "i don't need that," or "I already know that" and skipping over it.


thats all I have I'm gettin tired.


Good luck and keep being persistant! You have the talent to do some awesome stuff

#5005570 self taught programmer, becoming more well rounded and earning some money to...

Posted by on 29 November 2012 - 10:15 PM

Hello Gamedev. I know this post is huge but please at least skim through it and offer any help you can, I'm quite desperate. And sorry for the general topic name let me try to specify a little better.

Right now I'm between what I consider the beginner and intermediate skill levels with programming. I only know one language well(Java) and I don't even know it that well, as I'm beginning to realize. I know all the basics pretty well, I know how and when to use as well as understand the implications of things like multidimensional arrays, arraylists, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, etc. I can pick up new libraries pretty quickly but right now I'm only proficient in a few(Swing/awt, android(to an extent), and a couple third party libraries, I'm sure I'm forgetting a few also). I don't really know what else I can learn or where to go next, I'm studying for the OCA java programmer test and I find I already know pretty much all the material in a general sense but I'm still picking up some new things as I go through it, mostly just gaining a deeper understanding of all the things I'm decent with now(Sorry that reminds me I have a small detour I have to go off on):

How useful are the OCA/OCP java certs for a first/second year comp sci student at a community college, I'm sure i won't get a regular
programming job with just that but do you think I'll be able to find any job/internship in the IT field once I become certified? Am I wasting
my time? What else can I do to get myself a job working with computers if that isn't enough? It doesn't have to be high paying or glamorous
or anything, right now I'm working at a car shop that I hate making $10 dollars an hour and I just got dropped down to a measly 8 hours a
week because business is so slow, so yah I'll pretty much take anything I can get. I'm 21 btw if that is a relevant factor </tangent>

Anyway, back to the specifying, I told you where I'm at now and I need help finding out where to go and how to get there. I see there are a couple different routes I could take but which one I want to take depends on a few different things. My main goals are to become a more well-rounded programmer and be able to make money from programming. Don't get me wrong I totally enjoy programming and I mostly do it for the enjoyment, but I'm having SERIOUS trouble finding a job even flipping burgers or something because I have a DUI on my record :/ and I'm gonna be homeless soon if I don't find something, I'm starting to consider lying about it on my applications. So yah money is a big factor right now, I spend all my time applying for menial jobs and when I'm not doing that I try to improve my coding skills as programming is my only shot at making enough money to support myself eventually.

One thing I could do is to get some books or find some good tutorials on different libraries that are currently in demand(things like Spring or GWT im guessing, not that I even know what they are I just here a lot about them, what libraries would you suggest if I go this route?) This is something that would definitely be useful to learn at some point, but I'm not really interested in this option unless its feasible for me to get a job where I'd actually use these skills in the near future, I don't really think it is but I'm having trouble researching these types of things, what do you guys think? If I get my certification and learn some good libraries, maybe make a couple apps for a portfolio, do you think I'd have a chance of getting a job?

Another option, which I am currently half pursuing, is to build a good profile on elance or freelancer and start doing work for people there. I think I need to learn more in order to do this because when I look at all the job listings for Java there isn't much that I already know how to do at all, and I'd feel wrong claiming that I can do a job when I don't fully know how to do it yet just so I can get the job, then praying that I'm able to figure it out as I go. The skills requirements for most of these jobs is so random and broad that it's hard to figure out what I should learn if I want to be capable of doing future jobs. Hmmm, as I think about it I'm beginning to realize that the reason I don't feel confident bidding on any of these jobs is because of my lack of complete projects. I've made several completely custom games, from design to implementation of the 'engine' that drives the game, but thats usually where it ends for me. I write the game up to the point where I have all or most of the functionality I want, then once I've convinced myself that I could do it I abandon the project. My getting things done skill is quite low. Also I've never made anything besides games that was bigger than a 1000 lines of code. Anyone have any ideas for preparing myself to do some freelance java work? or ideas for apps I could make that would look good in a portfolio and also teach me to complete a project? Any general advice for a beginner looking to get into freelancing and do you think this is a good route to take in my situation?

I've saved the best for last, my third option is to create my own indie game and try to make a few bucks off of it. 90% of my programming experience is programming games in Java and it's the one thing I feel confident doing. With enough time I feel like I could handle writing the code for almost any 2d game, and although I haven't done much 3d at all I understand it a bit and could definitely learn as I go on a smaller project. This is obviously the most fun way to do it, but I don't know if it's a good choice because I wouldn't be learning as much as if I made something other than another game and it also seems like a unreliable way to make a few bucks as it's likely my first game will make me 0 dollars - if it gets finished. Also there's the problem of finding an artist or working around the fact that I don't have one :/. I have a few decent ideas for games that I feel confident I could make but I have no idea what the market is like for a lone indie developer. From what I can tell android is getting flooded with amateur games and I'm assuming that it'll be next to impossible to make even a few hundred dollars without some actual marketing, is that true? Is it possible to make a profitable desktop game as a solo developer in Java and if so what do you think the best way to do that would be, should I try making a browser game(do those flash portals still host java applets?) or maybe a facebook game(can you even use java for facebook games? That's something I haven't looked into yet) or possibly a larger normal game for the hardcore indie gaming crowd, I have an idea for a 2d space shooter with a dash of rpg that I really wanna make and that would fit into this category well. Does anyone think this is a viable option and what market do you think I should target? I'm not looking for the MOST profitable but rather the MOST LIKELY to be profitable at all, with a preference for smaller games that I'm more likely to finish in time. Even if I just make $500-1000 that'll buy me enough time to make some more money before I'm out on the streets.

Sorry for the long post, Although I asked about those 3 options specifically feel free to suggest anything at all that you think would be helpful in my situation. I'm kinda desperate and there's really not much I can do besides keep applying for jobs and when I'm done doing that hone my programming skills and become more skilled/well-rounded so I can get a job or do some freelancing or something. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Oh also do you think it'd be a good idea for me to start building a portfolio now? anyone have examples of good portfolios, suggestions for programs I could make for a portfolio that would also teach me valuable skills to make, or other general tips.

Sorry if this post got a little messy towards the end I'm really tired and I just needed to get it done

#4943397 Best method for implementing a tile engine in java

Posted by on 25 May 2012 - 08:57 PM

I need advice for a game I'm working on.

In terms of graphics it'll be basically the same as a square-tiled rpg, I'm thinking about how I wanna write a tile engine and I have a few different ideas in my head, I can't figure which one would be best or if there is an alternative method I'm not thinking of. Here are a few of my ideas:

(one thing to note, the map will be tile based but movement wont be restricted to being on a specific tile, you can move pixel by pixel)

have an array(either 1 or 2 dimensional) of integers, storing a 'tile id' for the tile at that location, then as part of the map file store the different tiles and there id's, with all the information for that tile that isn't going to change(layers, spawn points, collision, triggers, etc) and of course the tile image(s). then you just have to loop through the array and do a calculation based on the array index to find out where it goes and draw the tile stored in the Tile file that correlates to that index number.

this next one sounds easiest but idk if it's efficient/practical. Have the tile editor save the map as one big image, and have a second black and white version(white representing collidable areas) to use for collision detection(by drawing a collision box for the player in a color an checking for overlapping or something) then have a 3rd part saved which holds locations of all spawn points and triggers and interactive stuff like that, gives there location size and points to either a script or an object that defines its behavior. I could then have a Jpanel hold the entire map and move it around as my char moves so that the area around me is what's inside the JFrame and being rendered. I wonder if this will be inefficient because it's trying to render the whole map, not just what's visible. I never looked into collision detection but I have a vague idea of how I would get that system to work.

or I could do the same thing as above, except without a huge JPanel. Just have the map stores as an image and copy the area around my character to the JPanel with drawImage().

can anyone comment on the pros/cons of these methods, give advice for implementing any of them, or suggest an entirely different method?