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In Topic: Turning endless runner into adventure game with level progression

27 May 2012 - 11:28 AM

Problem 2: Not enough content.
We have breakable obstacles, unbreakable obstacles that kills you, moving breakable obstacles and rotating unbreakable obstacles + we have “enemies” that add difficulty by blocking safe passages.
And that’s about it. Though we can draw new versions of this objects fort each world im not quite sure it will be enough. And there is only so much things you can add into game with only one axis for player to move. (if anyone have ideas on new obstacles or events I would be enormously grateful!)

A reverse function -- scroll the world backwards
warp gates that throw you back on the map or forward
Achievement icons -- collect X amount of icons to unlock achievements, new spaceships designs, new weapons etc.
random rick-roll or similar type spoof/easter egg events that pop up in 1 in a 100 games or so
Random novelty spaceships design unlocks i.e. suddenly your spaceships becomes one of Monopoly tokens such as the iron or top hat (obviously avoid copyright issues)
The ability to download an icon or mini-photo as your spaceship -- i.e. your mother-in-law
Puzzles requiring the back and forth using warp gates to obtain entry into them i.e. create the ability to re-utilised the same map in a number of different ways.
Parallax mode - your ships phases into another reality with different types of obstacles i.e. using shifts back and forth to avoid impassable situations etc.
Bizarre mode -- unbreakable object become breakable and breakable objects become unbreakable.
many more ideas but am being dragged away to shoot zombies irl - hope this helps.

Wow some nice and simple to implement ideas here! Thanks!
Good luck with those zombies!