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In Topic: Royalty-free Anime Characters?

02 August 2015 - 02:53 PM

Smith Micro Poser Game Dev editions include some anime content that is game licensable, as does DAZ3D store DS Studio search "DAZ Originals" and RealLusion store ICLone 3D Exchange Pipeline content, with the combined with the export / daz game developer license options.  Epect to use the appropriate applications to animate, decimate and convert figures to proper game use formats. (Ex .FBX > .x)

In Topic: 3D studio max: Different color with same texture?

02 August 2015 - 02:41 PM


Im using 3ds max 2013 and Im confused with the materials. Plz help:)


I use a metal texture file but want the same texture file to be used in several materials, so i can change the lightness (or add color tint) For this the "output" rollout for the map is used right? ( i use "RGB level" and the color map for these changes).


It looks fine when rendering (two material with same texture file but different lightness), but i want the color change to be visible even in the viewport.

In the viewport they look exactely the same (i have show shaded material in the viewport andshow end results ticked).





You are asking the MAX Viewport to show the rendered image (ie: materials baked with light shading applied), thats normally done with a preview.  Max mentel ray is not a biased render engine (AFIK) and I think you might be looking for that type of a solution with real-time ray traced light baking.  Maybe the V-Ray render engine (Chaos Group) or using a different render engine like LUX is what you are seeking.


For what its worth, I think the color can be changed by mapping ambient to a texture however having the shader color value (tint) something other than white _might_ be the approach you are after.  Perhaps if you explain your objective and starting point a bit more clearly I can point you into the best direction.

In Topic: Any good resources on how to create textures on photoshop?

02 August 2015 - 02:32 PM

There are some plugins like "FilterForge" that help make textures using procedures and SpiralGraphics "Genetica" is a premiere stand-alone procedural texture generator,  Both can create animated textures.  FilterForge is easier.  You can also use Photoshops built in image filters by starting with a base texture (photo of rock close up or such) and experiment with the various filter settings to get the effect you are seeking and save as jpg at a 1:1 resolution (square).  When you have a good color image, use the Filters/3D section in Photoshop to create Normal and Bump images to match the color jpeg. 

If you really want to go and create insanely cool 3d displaced graphics - like bas relief or carved wood check out Algorithmics Substance maker and Painter tools however bewarned its not for the person who wants a one, two theree click solution. That would be the Filter Forge plugin (or standalone).   This modelfor game developers was textured bu using some FlterForge texture components like the rivet plates made by Rawn's Filter Forge filter (thanks Rawn!)

In Topic: New to 3D and car modelling

02 August 2015 - 02:20 PM

What modeling software do you want to use.  Blender.org is good and free however the learning curve is steeper for a beginner.  If cost is an issue I suggest Wings3d for modeling the cars mesh and get DAZ 3D Studio (DS) (free at daz3d.com) to rig it, and export as FBX for your game.  DAZ also has decimator (poly reduction) and texture atlas (formats all material group & layers to one)  plug ins to help make the figure the proper size and format for your game. Animations can be created in the DS timeline and exported as BHV.  You may need a tool like Ultimate Unwrap 3D to help with file format conversions (.fbx to .x say) and UV layout and animation loading.  If you have some cash to spare suggest Poser Pro Game Dev over DAZ because its a bit easier to learn and more flexible in terms of compatibility and such.  Just this week I made this Peashooter airplane figure rigged for game action with Poser and ZBrush modeler.  http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2754

In Topic: Want to make a 3D game

23 June 2015 - 09:11 PM

I would try to use Unity and go with the neat Poser 3d figures and lots of horses, people and tack props already created.  PoserPro 2014 Game Edition licenses ALL of thier content for games and for the cost one typical game licensed figure decent quality you can convert hundreds of figures.  Here is the scoop from the developer himself outlining the eula: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrAwlTLgf34&feature=youtu.be&list=PLynyD-7entJ1YAdVSLkNtmTHj0J1Z1fPx&t=3977