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In Topic: The Players Win - All 7 Million of them!

10 May 2014 - 02:05 PM

I would have been more surprised if a judge had upheld a ruling stating that zynga had to keep the service going.  as it stands, this is just buisness.

That would have surprised me and I am glad thats not what happened.  I think this is the best outcome.  The free market prevailed and the customers of the game proved they are still have gold in their mine (wallets) and its worth extracting.  What would have not supprised me if a class action were brought forward on behalf of the consumers who would hae lost access to thier digital assets that resulted in some type of compensation for damages.  Only lawyers would win in that case and consumers would be left with a near worthless Zynga money game card.  Zynga has moved into real money gambling nowdays.


I think the value in this lesson of interest to GAMDEV readers is a real fairy-tale.  Almost like Aesop -In that as a indy game designer, if creative, compelling and open ended your creation may foster a dedicated society of its own.  Even if sold to a major distributor and no matter who mangled the publisher positions it to take advantage of consumers to maximum effect - if the concept is unique and endeared by the base, it will out last the publisher and may actually come back home.  I think there are other examples before Yoville, but it has got to be the largest so far.

In Topic: Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

20 March 2014 - 11:22 AM

Turning off the transponder does not imply theft.  It simply means their destination or target was very far away, especially if they needed to fly 5-6 more hours.

Besides, stealing a plane like this is too complicated.  You need accomplices on the ground, how to dispose of 200+ passengers, etc...  The simplest answer is usually the right one.
It was probably a suicide run, a long one, but whatever happened, they didn't make it.  How can they fly so long without passengers fighting back? Or it's just one big coverup with false information everywhere.

It was a red-eye. most sleeping & reading.   Cover up?  Perhaps in the sense that if a nation has the technology to gain additional information on the whereabouts, they are not sharing it - probably to maintain technological supremacy and keep the guessing up.  Its also possible a nefarious organization pulled this off and is maintaining a secret objective.

In Topic: Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

20 March 2014 - 11:18 AM

>>Stealing a plane like that is useless, you wouldn't be able to sell it. Ransom, possible, but you would have expected to have heard something by now.<<


Maybe some speed freaks stole it and are planning ti strip it of its copper...

Seriously the concern is that it is a "camouflaged missile" that may have value to illegitimate parties.

In Topic: Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

20 March 2014 - 11:11 AM

1.  The flight did not disappear, Unless David Copperfield was on board - that I know for a fact. All else is speculation.  That said, I hope air traffic controllers are now acknowledging the identity of ALL their incoming blips.

In Topic: Zynga Pulls Plug on YoVille - Million$ in YoCash evaporate!

05 March 2014 - 10:18 AM

NEWS:  YOVILLE Spared! Yoville Update - March 5th 2014
Dear YoVille Players,

We want to thank you for your continued support of YoVille over the last 5 years. The outpouring of love you have showed for YoVille, and your dedication to the communities you have nurtured over the years in the game has inspired all of us at Zynga.

As some of you might know, we’ve had ongoing discussions with Big Viking Games, the original creators of YoVille, about ways we can work together to help keep the YoVille community alive. We are continuing to have those conversations and explore the future of YoVille and, as a result, will not be shutting down the game as planned on March 31.

We will have more updates to share with you soon, as our conversations with Big Viking Games progress and we determine next steps for the game, but we wanted to make sure you heard the news first as many of you have dedicated time over the last couple months to showing your support for YoVille and sharing your heartfelt stories about what the game means to you.

The Zynga Team