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Dream Cutter

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#5244183 New to 3D and car modelling

Posted by Dream Cutter on 02 August 2015 - 02:20 PM

What modeling software do you want to use.  Blender.org is good and free however the learning curve is steeper for a beginner.  If cost is an issue I suggest Wings3d for modeling the cars mesh and get DAZ 3D Studio (DS) (free at daz3d.com) to rig it, and export as FBX for your game.  DAZ also has decimator (poly reduction) and texture atlas (formats all material group & layers to one)  plug ins to help make the figure the proper size and format for your game. Animations can be created in the DS timeline and exported as BHV.  You may need a tool like Ultimate Unwrap 3D to help with file format conversions (.fbx to .x say) and UV layout and animation loading.  If you have some cash to spare suggest Poser Pro Game Dev over DAZ because its a bit easier to learn and more flexible in terms of compatibility and such.  Just this week I made this Peashooter airplane figure rigged for game action with Poser and ZBrush modeler.  http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2754

#5123169 Zynga Pulls Plug on YoVille - Million$ in YoCash evaporate!

Posted by Dream Cutter on 12 January 2014 - 06:25 PM


1. I've never done that before, so I don't know how it would work. The only thing I know is that you need to contact someone at Zynga who is in a position to make this kind of decision, and who is also willing to discuss the idea at all. Don Mattrick is the current CEO, but I have no idea if the CEO is the person you should talk to or not.

2. Running the game yourself is not feasible unless you're already experienced enough to do so. It takes over a decade to learn how to deal with software of this complexity, and that's assuming you devote your entire life to it. It would be far easier to try to convince another established social game company to buy the game than learning how to run the game yourselves.

The most likely way that the game could stay running is if you convince Zynga themselves to keep the game running. You need to find out what they're basing their shutdown decision on, and find out what it would take to reverse that decision. It's possible that if you get enough media coverage, your protests may be able to convince Zynga to rethink their decision and come up with an alternate plan.


Re #2, As the base is so huge there are actually a number of system, network and software engineers in the YV community.  Its cooperation, organization, ingenuity and funding that's required to get this going. At least one development shop seems up to the task.  

I could envision other approaches that would work - including some Zynga may has not thought of.  

If the base is this passionate, why not convert it to pay to play and scale resources based on demand?

Or better yet, use the YoVille Casino as a training ground and venue to promote or link to Zynga's Real Money Gaming (RMG) portals.

Another possibility would be to use the entertainment products of Zynga and GameCash as compensation (booby prizes) or as incentive Zynga's RMG Game expenditures.  

#5123127 Zynga Pulls Plug on YoVille - Million$ in YoCash evaporate!

Posted by Dream Cutter on 12 January 2014 - 02:47 PM

YoVille has changed lives, its taught many lessons and brought many people with vastly different perspectives that would never had engaged without the unique YoVenue.  One lesson learned by most is the impact and scope of social networking.  From heartache to heat break, catfish plays to trading scams, big wins and account hacks YoVille is a microcosmic study of a all encompassing cyber society.  

However its the stories of the community heroics that stand out.

Take for instance Lois-Emily, a heart warming "salt of the earth" gal that forged her way in working tough jobs in Alaska.  Now at 86 years, she suffers terribly with dementia and is shut in  a home in the frozen north.  She has had no family visiting for years. YoVille was what brought her comfort as we gathered in her Yo-Home each night to chat about the days events and the theme of the day.  As time passed on, the gang grew yet time is tough on a lone gal in Alaska.  We noticed changes in Emily's communication patterns and she became forgetful.  We reach-out to her and helped her find a community "home" that is safe and comfortable for her.  Friends YoVille actually bridged real world life support to get her the resources and help she needed, when she needed it most.  Its thoughtful buddies like "Gen.Twisten", "Gabby" and "Joy's Store" that make the difference.  To thus day, they do their best to care for.. They call and check in the facility and try to nudge her back and remind & help her log in for the occasional visit. She is not able to get on-line much as her physical body has all but given up the spirit but we care for Emily.  Her Yo home and cheerful spirit will be kept in our memories at least.

#5122993 Zynga Pulls Plug on YoVille - Million$ in YoCash evaporate!

Posted by Dream Cutter on 12 January 2014 - 12:14 AM


Some folks cant see gold if they trip over it.

Are you saying that Zynga of all things, doesn't knows how to recognize "gold" ?


Between your heavily emotional invested takes into the value of that game and Zynga's decision, I'd say Zynga is right in the money, because they're actually pretty good at that sort of stuff if you haven't noticed it.


Would this be the equivalent of fools gold?  :


"Bitcoin Tops $1,000 as Zynga Tests Virtual Money

By Fani Kelesidou  
January 7, 2014 
It didn't take long for Bitcoin, the stateless currency that has economists and technophiles at loggerheads, to break through the $1,000 barrier for the second time. Following a 50% crash in December, Bitcoin's value is again on the rise thanks to Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA  ) . The social gaming company decided to start testing the virtual currency for seven of its online games, fueling a price run-up and causing Bitcoin evangelists to smirk.
Should we whoop it up or keep calm and wait for the next crash?"
Where did the capitol resources go?
Zynga's CEO To Cash Out 16% of Stock
Updated March 23, 2012 5:53 p.m. ET
Zynga Inc. ZNGA -0.24%  Chief Executive Mark Pincus is cashing out about 15.5% of his holdings as part of a larger secondary offering from insiders.
The sale of 43 million Class A shares by various holders will sharply increase the social-gaming company's public float.
Zynga won't receive any proceeds from the offering, which it initially filed plans for last week without disclosing the number of shares to be offered. After the offering, it will have 164.4 million Class A shares outstanding.
But wait there is more...
In April, Zynga conducted a "secondary stock offering" in which insiders dumped 43 million shares of stock at $12 a share, raking in about $516 million.
Yesterday, four months later, Zynga reported a horrible quarter, and the stock plunged to $3.
In other words, Zynga insiders cashed out at exactly the right time.In fact, they cashed out in the same quarter in which Zynga imploded.
The quarter had already begun when Zynga insiders shoveled their stock out the door.By the time the quarter ended, Zynga's business (and stock price) was in the tank.
Zynga's April stock offering was managed by Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and other premiere Wall Street underwriters. All of the stock sold in the offering was sold by Zynga insiders. None of the cash raised in the offering went to the company. The Zynga underwriters were paid ~$15 million of fees to arrange this cash-out. Zynga, the company, also paid $1 million in expenses to facilitate the cash-out (legal fees, private jet rental, etc.)
And, thanks to the offering, the Zynga insiders took $516 million off the table just before the stock crashed.
Which Zynga insiders took advantage of this brilliantly timed sale?
How much did they make? Here are some of the selling shareholders:
Marc Pincus, Zynga's CEO, sold 16.5 million shares for $200 million
Institutional Venture Partners, a Zynga investor, sold 5.8 million shares for $70 million
Union Square Ventures, a Zynga investor, sold 5.2 million shares for $62 million
Google, a Zynga investor, sold 4 million shares for $48 million
Silver Lake Partners, a Zynga investor, sold 4 million shares for $48 million
Reid Hoffman, a Zynga investor, sold 688,000 shares for $8.2 million
David Wehner, Zynga's CFO, sold 386,000 shares for $4.6 million
John Schappert, Zynga's COO, sold 322,000 shares for $3.9 million
Reginald Davis, Zynga's general counsel, sold 315,000 shares for $3.8 million
And so on ...
Now ...
I know many of these folks personally, including at the company's underwriters, and like and respect them.  I think the last thing they would intentionally do is unload stock when they thought it was about to crash—especially when the amount they made in the sale, though huge, is still relative chicken feed for them.
Also, all of these folks only sold a fraction of their holdings, so they've been hammered along with the rest of Zynga shareholders by the subsequent collapse.
I also know from personal experience (unfortunately) just how quickly things that seem to be going well can fall apart.
But, all that said, wow.
In three months—based on what happened in the same quarter in which these folks sold—Zynga's business deteriorated so rapidly that Zynga went from a $12 stock to a $3 stock. That just doesn't look very good."


So whats the plan fix, what happens to the game developers?  GAMBLING, literally this time.  Zynga has gone into the on-line casino business. Whether its a case of chasing a greater gold streak, or desperate measures, ts seems to be fact that management has a poor track record to its investors, employees, and now consumers.  What was left was to exploit only more vulnerable consumers...gamblers.


Hemorrhaging was slowed by eliminating resource intensive games and lay off most of the designers, as gambling cash cows dont require the same level of creativity and development support. 


Here is the blow by blow detail from, you guessed it, a competing casino's wire service:




So if that venture flops, there is always internet porn to explore in 2014. Creative minds can find a way to dig deeper!

#5122731 Zynga Pulls Plug on YoVille - Million$ in YoCash evaporate!

Posted by Dream Cutter on 10 January 2014 - 04:36 PM

Zynga announced yesterday that its pulling the plug on its widely popular, 6 year running social game, YoVille with 90 days advance notice to users.  Acquired initially from Big Tree (now Big Viking Games) Zynga positioned the unique social network game prominently and made millions off sales of its YoCash and advertising , YoVille is highly unique in that it offers a real-time chat/emoto communication system that engages Facebook players into its virtual society with seasonal products and holiday themed events that pushed the envelope for virtual asset sales like no other game before it, 


Is YoVilles ship sunk yet?  Not so fast... The user base is really vocal and already a number of grass root efforts are underway.  And now here is some rumor that initial developer may have interest in re-obtaining the license to right this great ship before she settles in the mud for good.


YoVilles customer base is unique, many "die hards" NEED yoville as a social outlet whether they are shut ins, paraplegic, deaf,  or have that catfush tendency Yoville is one of a few remaining places where physical attrributes are ignored, individual obscurity accepted and the avatars that care and look after each other,  Its the best place for dynamic, toon-face drama!


What do you think about Zynga de-funding and killing a project that holds paid consumer assets in its servers? It may be legal according to the games EULA & TOS, however is it right?  Some folks have not even spent their yocash holdings and others have not explored all their achievements.  

#4952549 Best 3d modelling software for beginners?

Posted by Dream Cutter on 24 June 2012 - 09:49 PM

If you do use pixeologic Sculptris, also get Hexagon (free) because you can GO-Z between them and Hex has the Sub-D and other tools needed for figure modeling. Also for rigging figures to animate for a game check FragMosoft, or DAZ DS4. Finally if you want a lowpoly modeler for either older engines or HTML5 / WebGL work look into MilkShape 3D as it animates and can apply motion capture BHV files skeletal animation. Wings 3D is also great free and simple modeler. Blender is powerful and can be daunting for a beginner.

#4952524 clipart

Posted by Dream Cutter on 24 June 2012 - 08:52 PM

RE making clip art and your own graphics, A must is CGTextures - For those who stumbled here and do want a useful resource for game developers, check out CGtextures.com A real convenient site and usually they have the right free texture for the project at hand. Many seamless tiles so you can blend clip art and 3D models into your game.

#4952446 Game Maker, Unity, or Blender?

Posted by Dream Cutter on 24 June 2012 - 03:52 PM

Also check out Torque 3D Looks the way to go for a rich 3d interactive game. However with the shift to mobile and now 3d is possible on the web you may want to consider that avenue. Web based 3D powered games is where I see the future going. There are some neat game engines that take advantage of Flash stage 3 3d acceleration, a (or codename Molehill) and JS/WebGL with HTML5. I was really impressed with the elegance and simplicity of the former. The JS executes so fast, and on a modern workstation the output is quite snappy. Performance wise both Flash and WebGL are on par in a web page however I would look into how IE implements 3d in the near future. WebGL works great in Firefox and Chrome, not in IE.

#4952440 Game Engine's For Beginners

Posted by Dream Cutter on 24 June 2012 - 03:35 PM

Definitely look into CopperCube 3 by Amberia. Its a 3D game engine that you can make a game by programming the JS using a menu based interface programming. I just recommended same to another user on another thread here, I don't want to seem like i'm plugging them cause I am not affiliate or anything just a user that made his first 3d game with it. Its is a 3d mini game, where pigs are battling for control of a hilltop apple tree but it runs and plays great in HTML 5 on a web page. (Fast PC graphics card recommended). But it was really fun and I m already working on the next levels and a separate castle game.

#4947792 Your first game idea - What happened to it?

Posted by Dream Cutter on 09 June 2012 - 06:51 PM

Posted ImageMy first game...
While I have adapted, and modded games before in the past, my only true original game came to fruition recently. The gameplay is a king of the hill based game where you are a hog wrestling off gravity and foes to maintain protection of a hill top security of a precious apple tree. I did make the first level last month, and its game play is coming together nicely Its a 3d game, implemented in HTML5 WebGL usingCopperCube IDE.

I explain how I documented the gameplay design, applied coppercube to program it, offer source code and line by line walk through of the programming as a tutorial at my hobby game site, FarmPeeps.com at page http://www.farmpeeps...ames_make.html has all the details, and links to the downloads to animated figures 3d Props, terrain, skybox etc so you can learn / adapt the game. The lessons I learned are posted in the tutorial, however planning game flow and charting the character attributes is high up on the list. With respect to the last question, we will have to see on the second level and next gamedev project. I document all my projects in my sites developers notebook, i call it "3D DevLog".

In response to "So I am interested in knowing about people's first game design idea." and the follow up questions...

  • What was the idea.
  • How far did you get with it.
  • How did that game idea evolve as it transitioned into reality or fell short of being completed.
  • What lessons did you learn on the way.
  • What would the game be, if you revisited the original idea now and built the game with your current ability/knowledge.
any sort of documentation showing the game design, ideas, artwork etc would also be interesting

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