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Game Console Network Problmes

30 May 2012 - 06:15 AM

I will cut to the chase and point out I have a disadvantage when it comes to video game development. I've acquired over the years an astonishing business background and currently hold the title of Associate Director. An opportunity has been presented in front of me for a chance to explore the networking aspects of one of our many departments.

Looking back I really no nothing about some of the basic functions of this department, and will be asking questions left and right. So instead of appearing to know nothing I've decided to ask a few general questions to get me started in the right direction.

(Not: I will switch out the product & company name for liability reasons)

A video game console from company Q had its network shutdown after a hand full of years running, but the gaming community continued to play even after a new next Gen console had replaced the original. This next Gen console has backwards capability only for a handful of games from the original console. The gaming community was outraged, and some fans even made emulators just to play some of these non-backwards games (they were successful w/ a few).

However video game R was unable to go back online, and the small emulator revolution quieted down. From what I gather the visual aspects of the game are contained in the client, while the network protocol is handled by the server. The original online network was a tunneling vps system which hosted a friends list and connected clients to each other. It opened a vps connection on port 3074 though which video game R calls system network protcals from the original consoles dashboard network stuff itself in order to run.

Emulation is not possible because we have no data for the original consoles network service + the encryption was never broken. The truth is without the server data packets, we have nothing to build from. With the server, we also run into the problem of data encryption. The original game console is especially difficult because it utilized the original consoles online network. Now without data packets to decrypt, we have no starting point and no chance of ever getting it to work (but that won't stop the department).

To the root of what is to be expected:
Video game R has been chosen to come back on the original game console, and it has both offline & online features. But as of now the online features do not work because the original game consoles network is shut off permanently. What options do we have available now, and is their away around that kind of problem. Is their another network that can be created to replace the disconnected one.

In short that is my mess as of now, and I'm not sure how to handle what will follow...(any advice)