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Bloody Blender Nightmare

02 June 2012 - 08:40 PM

Hello Everyone,

So I have been working strictly as a 3D modeler, doing models only professionally for several years now. I can texture, and make textures, but there is and always has been a problem with how the texture layers over the object. I have been banging my head against the wall for a couple months. Watching tutorials, reading things, advanced, things, simple things, other things... things about things about things...

The issue: Incorrect overlay

Images such as this one...


Which I would want to circle round into a tube or doughnut shape, are not doing so. ideally, it would tile horizontally and in the bake look like a doughnut. cause I believe it would be extremely difficult to paint material grain into seamless tubes/circles.

The Process:
So generally i build my model, mark uvs, assign materials, assign textures to those materials, edit image mapping options and then, bake to my single image.

layover problem

Which is mostly correctly in resolution, and but has fragments of error as it isn't being told to apply the material correctly to the model in blender 3D. I know this is user error.

So I go down the list of every possible option, tile setting, and etc till I end up with something like this.

tirewall preview

Now I can scale this, stretch it, repeat it, torture it, kick and cuss it yet it is pretty much now crappy resolution due to improper texture mapping application to the material.

The Help:

So i speak to a contact who does blender tutorials. I figure he can help me, and I say hey I am having this problem, been trying to solve it myself for months, do you have a little time. Sure. I explain the issue best I can.

He comes up with this...

with help still wrong

Not only is the resolution worse, and it farther from intended, but now he has decided I should assign multiple single 512s to the object rather than baking properly.... after I tell him I need it in a single bake map format, he gets angry, claims i am throwing his help back in his face, and logs off.

Not going well... I am not progressing... Its been months now I am trying to fix whatever issue is causing my textures from laying properly on my model, and being able to bake them nicely for import.

So i am stuck right here...

layover problem

and I would like this....

to lay on the side wall of the tire something like this... cept without the seams...

I don't know how to explain it clearer, but more than willing to try, and I don't know what I am missing, as I was told my uvs are correct. Any help would be very much appreciated as this is the final barrier I am having from being able to texture my own game assets myself, rather than only taking jobs with studios which provide their own texture artist and giving me modeling jobs only.