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Multiplying blood splatters on a plane surface

01 June 2012 - 03:25 PM


I'm working on a seemingly simple task. I have a simple 2D ortho game level with a textured background as a plane. Level is limited. Background is textured with tiled texture. What I need is to be able to add blood splatters as enemies die. These splatters must remain forever and multiply into each other (overlap and get darker).
I'm guessing, since I need hundreds of splatters I can't actually make them as geometry, so I need to somehow render them into original texture or something like that. I'm using OpenGl ES 2.0 and can't figure out how I "burn" splatters into the tiled texture. Any suggestions please?Posted Image

I have attached a simple example of the desired effect made in Photoshop.

Attached File  smp.png   351.67KB   58 downloads