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In Topic: mouse input

26 October 2012 - 04:25 PM

how do I start to use windows message to interact with my mouse


In Topic: mouse input

24 October 2012 - 06:42 PM

Use SFML! It's great and you can use it for commercial use if you want to! It also includes sounds and I forget if it includes anything else. It is also free. I also found a pong tutorial with SFML!

Website: http://www.sfml-dev.org/
Licensing: http://www.sfml-dev.org/license.php
Pong Tutorial: http://www.gamefromscratch.com/page/Game-From-Scratch-CPP-Edition.aspx

In Topic: choosing a library for c++

24 October 2012 - 06:31 PM

Ogre 3d is great. It is under the MIT License and has many tutorials you just have to search through the wiki and stuff.

And for input and sound I like SFML and you can use this for commercial or non commercial games whether they are open source or not.

Also here is a tutorial I have used and it is great for starting out in SFML. It shows you how you can set up SFML and any other library in Visual Studios C++. It also shows you how to make a pong game with SFML.


In Topic: C++ Libraries Questions

07 October 2012 - 08:19 PM

"Since Q1 2007, binary version of PhysX SDK is free for commercial and non-commercial use." - source
Better read the license though, just in case (and I can't seem to find the actual license anywhere, so you probably need to download it to find out for sure).

You could also try Bullet, which is open source. (zlib)

OpenAL = Open source sound, if you use an earlier version. Later versions are proprietary, according to wikipedia. Posted Image (Then why's it called "Open"?!)
Networking = Berkley sockets, but that's rather low level. ENET maybe? RakNet is higher level but is a commercial product.


In Topic: Best Engine for Networking and Physics

22 August 2012 - 01:12 AM

Torque 3d has good networking and you can add ai bots. But I prefer UDK, it is really really easy to add ai and you can make ctf, tdm, or ffa game in a few minutes. If you have any other questions about udk, please ask.