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#5000615 Help To Find NextStep-Game Programming

Posted by on 13 November 2012 - 11:08 AM

No offence but posting on a forum board will not always honor a response from the members of said forums, especially when you cannot see the formatting of a question before counting it as a view post.
You want to be a game programmer. Well, you're in the right place and that's a good start.
Did you do any research on why you want to use C++, or did you just take someone's advice as a golden rule? What can you tell us about game programming with C++ or programming with it general? What about compared to the languages you mentioned that you have experience in?
Answer those questions for us and then people will understand your learning path and assist you further.

first of all thanks. Second of all about those question you asked.1.yes i take advice from someone and start to learn C++,and i can't tell you anything at all about game programming With C++ because i don't have any clue and knowledge in this field. about question 2.i don't know which of those language i said, what capability had in Game Fields and as i said before i don’t have expert skill of those Language. Maybe right now my skill about C++ so better other than those language.
i create this topic because i want to assure this is right path i choose and i want to know what is best option for me in next step so i create this topic and hope someone help me to figure out. and lack my information in Game Development issue Because of my country.

Oh thanks BaneTrapper for your Mean post.oh i'm sorry for waste your precious time and im so sorry of all gamers In World becuase i take time of DAVID CAGE.

#5000586 Help To Find NextStep-Game Programming

Posted by on 13 November 2012 - 08:39 AM

21 viewed Topic and no one know anything at all?i mean no one!
i'm so sorry,if i'm insulted to anyone with this post.

#5000538 Help To Find NextStep-Game Programming

Posted by on 13 November 2012 - 05:54 AM

Hi,i hope someone here help me to find right way.
i want to become Game Programmer.I’m trying to learn C++ language from basic from this Book right now "C++ How to Program 8th Ed. Deitel".i had experience with other Language like Java,C#,VB and write a some program with C# but not expert on them.someone in this forum tell me better choice is Learning C++ so i try to learn.
here is question:
I just want to know what is best next step for someone like me after finish learning the basic of C++. I mean After Complete this book and had enough Knowledge About C++ Language which book or site or other thing you guys suggest for reach to my goal(Game Programming).

Appreciate For Any Offer