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Help To Find NextStep-Game Programming

13 November 2012 - 05:54 AM

Hi,i hope someone here help me to find right way.
i want to become Game Programmer.I’m trying to learn C++ language from basic from this Book right now "C++ How to Program 8th Ed. Deitel".i had experience with other Language like Java,C#,VB and write a some program with C# but not expert on them.someone in this forum tell me better choice is Learning C++ so i try to learn.
here is question:
I just want to know what is best next step for someone like me after finish learning the basic of C++. I mean After Complete this book and had enough Knowledge About C++ Language which book or site or other thing you guys suggest for reach to my goal(Game Programming).

Appreciate For Any Offer

Help with Exercises Guess my number

02 July 2012 - 07:30 AM

Hi everyone,im sorry if i created topic for something like this,but i can't solved the last exercise chapter 2 book Beginning C++ Through Game.i hope someone here can help me
here it is:
they want to switch Player by CPU.i mean player choose number and CPU take guess untile reach the answer.but i don't find way to do that.i start C++ new and i Can't do something like that.i really appreciated if someone help me

here is Original one

#include <iostream>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <ctime>

using namespace std;

int main()
srand(static_cast<unsigned int>(time(0))); //seed random number generator

int secretNumber = rand() % 100 + 1; // random number between 1 and 100
int tries = 0;
int guess;

cout << " Welcome to Guess My Number\n\n";

cout << "Enter a guess: ";
cin >> guess;

if (guess > secretNumber)
cout << "Too high!\n\n";
else if (guess < secretNumber)
cout << "Too low!\n\n";
cout << "\nThat's it! You got it in " << tries << " guesses!\n";

} while (guess != secretNumber);

return 0;

Help Game Programming Become My Job for Living

03 June 2012 - 09:51 AM

hello everyone i read a lot of topic related to my issue. but none of them help me out so i decide to create new topic and i know all of u saw similar topic thousand time and sorry for that but i really hope someone here can help me to choose best path.
let me tell a few thing about my self.im graduated from university with not good rank and not related to computer and game science at all. i have big problem in my life ,fortunately is solved and now i have full time. i'm a little old (i think ) 27.i had MCSE MCSA MCDBA MCTS from Microsoft. and my job right now is design network infrastructure but i Love Video Game. i played Game a lot. i Read Game A lot.i eat game a lot Posted Image.i love programming too. i programmed with Ruby with metasploit framework if u know about it and a little bit experience of C# and .net programming. unfortunately i lived in restricted country and low knowledge about game industry but im ready move to another country to learn and get experience in this field.
anyway what do u think ,what am i doing?
i have to go university again?
which university better for me with my age issue and money too?
can i enter to this industry without university degree?
any academy or something like#Microsoft certificate# exist to help me ?

at end sorry for bad english and beforhand thanks to anyone help me.