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In Topic: OpenAL why is there no group working on it?

20 March 2013 - 08:59 PM

The crappy embedded chips we have now are complete shit compared to what we had in the 90s. They pick up interference from everything else in your rig, and they often chug on simple tasks.

A significant cause of android's keyboard lag is the crappy chip trying to replay the typing sound over and over.

Lots of lag with embedded chips comes from waiting for sound data to be moved around and play. When the chips can't keep up you get stuttering, popping, or dropped frames.

My almost 30 old SoundBlaster 16 is laughing at this.

I wouldn't blame MS for this. Eventually it just got cheaper for OEMs to use cheap embedded parts at low or no cost than to include more expexpensive parts from other vednors. It also lets them keep the power requirements lower. The same thing happens in the GPU space. We get embedded chips and 200W PSUs.

In Topic: Size of 3d models for a fighting gameand others doubts

16 March 2013 - 08:21 PM

I work at 1 unit = 1 meter. But this doesn't matter. Whatever works for you. A lot of tools standardize on 1u = 1m though.

A skeleton joint for the most part just rotates. When you attach a finger mesh to a finger join, and then move that joint 90 degrees, it just means all the vertices attached to it move 90 degrees too.

It doesn't matter how big the skeletons or characters are. Every vertex just takes on the rotation from the bone(s) it references.

In Topic: Can you Please give me a good MMORPG programming language that runs on andriod

15 March 2013 - 01:58 PM

No, Zen 5 is a simple 2D top down game. I play(ed) it until the micro-transations got ridiculous. It's a tile map and sprites. But that's beyodn the point, because he was talking about the look and style, not the code-base, which I know is something this community has a very hard time grasping.

I had no problem making a 2D top down RPG 6 months into my programming career, because I was focused on getting stuff done, instead of coding just to code, like a vast majority of people who hang around places like this do. Like that nice article that was posted today of someone who screwed around for 9 years and made no progress, making the same mistakes most people who posts in communities like these make.

Everything in Zen 5 and similar titles (they are flooding the mobile market) is standard stuff that have tutorials adnauseam (I didn't have access to those when I started). There is a billion and one tile map and sprites tutorials on the internet, and if the Op spends a month or to learning Java, he can have a sprite walking around a tile map in a day or so. Then he has plenty of time to implement a Zen 5 style game.

But with an attitude with yours, I'm sure it's more than impossible in ten years. It happens in every creative community. Those who want to create, create, and those who can't just hang around those that can and talk about it every day for years, producing nothing. But it's fun to throw those buzz words around!

In Topic: Can you Please give me a good MMORPG programming language that runs on andriod

15 March 2013 - 12:42 PM

Typical useless, bullshit, GDNet knee jerk post.

This is the epitome of why this forum blows. If you're not going to leave a thread better off than how you found it, why bother posting?

Zenonia 5 is an simple android top down action RPG. It's 90% design and 10% programming. It's not some big, insurmountable goal.

For android you'll want Java (read a book and learn it all first, if you jump ahead, you'll spend your entire year stuck on trivial things) + libGDX (don't touch until you complete a java book) will cover your programming needs.

RPG Maker (now available on steam) is a much better choice, but they don't seem to have android support. The developer says they have been working on Android support, but that doesn't mean it's coming any time soon, or that it will even work well.

Character design is not a technical thing. Get a pencil and a notepad and start creating. Figure out what your game is going to be about first, and then design characters that will take on the roles needed. When your design is finished, you'll know exactly what you need and an start working on them in a paint program.

Keep your game small, simple, and focused. If you want to finish it in a year and a half starting from scratch you'll have to dial it back to something small, like 1 town and one randomly generated dungeon. If you can finish that, you can use it as a nice base to keep working on another game after that.

In Topic: My new game - Worthy or does it suck?, sell or rot

15 March 2013 - 09:44 AM

Both the web page and the game are a complete eyesore of bad clip-art and clashing colors.

You can't mix photographic and non photographic texturing, it just looks like a a mess. You have no set style in game. It just a bunch of random art styles mixed together.

You can't have shaded stuff and non shaded stuff in the same scene. For instance your fully shaded pig on top of a full bright raft. The color of that raft cannot possibly exist in that scene, unless it happens to be emitting light.

The title of the game, flashing inside the skybox is probably the poorest choice graphically. It should be on a screen aligned quad. The colors in the title clash heavily with everything else in the scene.

Also, the skybox being so close is also a poor choice. It's being used in the absence of a fully finished 3D scene. You can't just have 10 feet of water and then a flat wall with completely out of scale (and non matching) trees.

The main menu and the game HUD bleed into each other.

The game doesn't even work. When I try to walk, I just roll around in the terrain. Arrow keys to move also scrolls the actual web page. The camera is crazy and goes all over the place.

Don't be discouraged though. Keep refining it until you have something nice.