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#5037398 A couple of noobs who wanna direct the making of a game?

Posted by on 27 February 2013 - 05:54 PM

several years ago, I had a great game idea. I had a friend who knew how to program in C++, so we started doing it. I did the art, and the music, even if I'm not that great at drawing. But my friend gave up after making the character walk. So a year ago, I decided I would not give up on my project, and started to learn C++. Right now I can get what I want to work in a 2d environment, as long as it is not over complicated. Now a guy with experience would say that my code sucks, and it does, but I dont care that much as long as my game works. 


If you really want to develop games, you can. There are a lot of great tutorials on the net, and tools to create games today are awesome. Once you get into it, its great fun, and I can say that its addicting.

#5034492 What makes a good beat'em up game?

Posted by on 20 February 2013 - 05:03 AM

Thank you for all the replies! After reading some I think I now understand how to make a game that's difficult, but fair. But also able to a have a variety of attacks to counter the enemy.


I do have one more question. For use of a keyboard what would be the best button combination for a beat'm up game?

My setup would be:

wasd: for movement

left Shift: to run

jkl: for action buttons


Is this a good setup or do you have any ideas of your own that you can add?


I am also trying to develop a beat em up. I think a beat em up is played best with a gamepad. So I use a ps3 style gamepad layout:


D-pad to move

square  => punch

x            =>kick

o           => jump

triangle => grab

R1        => block 

R2        => attack modifier (l1 + punch will result in a different attack from punch only)

L1        => use 

L2        => inventory (think of use and inventory like in castle crashers)

#5034295 How to handle states in a fighting game?

Posted by on 19 February 2013 - 03:54 PM

I like the frame class idea^^ 

Thanks for the long replies and for your effort! I'll try to implement all these things (gonna take me a lot of time since I think I'm gonna reprogram the game from scratch) and let  you know if I succeed^^

#5034144 How to handle states in a fighting game?

Posted by on 19 February 2013 - 07:24 AM

Hey, that was a great reply and will be very helpful!! I think I grasped the logic, now I got to apply it to my system. thanks!

I'm also gonna look at that thread


EDIT: Wow that was a great post!! the game I'm working on is actually directly influenced by River City Ransom (with unique characters and moves, the RPG elements, free world, etc). I was thinking of a mario style map like Scott Pilgrim, which looks also great.


Well I am a noob programmer, and I have a LOT to learn... But its so fun ^^

#5033830 How to handle states in a fighting game?

Posted by on 18 February 2013 - 11:51 AM

Hi everyone, as a newbie programmer, I am trying to develop a 2D side scrolling Streets of Rage like fighting game with a lot of characters, moves, and animations. I started to learn programming 1 year ago, and I managed to have a game where I have two player controllable characters hit each other, jump to higher elevations in a streets of rage style map, etc...


However, since I am new to programming, and rushed enthusiastically into programming the game without any plan, my code got really messy. 

My problem is how to handle character states ( or moves ) , and their animation...


How I proceeded is: I have a huge switch function with states, another one with animations, another one with hitboxes for example:


//this is the base punch for the ninja character.
// this is the state switch function
		falsify(); // set everything to false (i.e. he cant jump while punch animation is on)
		bCanBasePunch = true; 
		enumAnimState = NINJA_AS_BASEPUNCH; //animation is set to base punch animation
		enumHitMessage = HIT_LIGHT_HI; //this will tell the enemy entity the damage type ( light ) and its position ( high )
		basePunch(); //punch function 

//once this is executed, the program will set the animation settings
//this is from animation switch function

		sprite.w = 36;
		sprite.h = 36;
		iCurrentFrameCol = (bFaceRight ? 13:14);
		iCurrentFrameRow = 0;
		animation.maxFrames = 2;
		animation.setFrameRate(animation.getCurrentFrame() > 0 ? 100:60);
//this is from the hitbox update function. 
		hitbox.w = groundPos.w;
		hitbox.h = 35;


All this is only for a simple basic punch. Now imagine how would it be if there was a big move list, big combos, stunts, etc... I need to get a better system for it, anyone who can think of a better implementation system?


#4989559 playing multiple sound formats at the same time

Posted by on 12 October 2012 - 01:13 PM

Then convert to wav or another suitable format, and program your own slowdown by altering the playback speed on the fly at specific points.

ahah never thought it like that... thanks I'll try that