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Java Slick - Number of States

16 August 2012 - 01:18 PM

I'm terribly new at this. (Both for programming and the community here)
So, this black magic you call programming, I've been trying to summon a demon using Slick, but it seems that I need more information to conjure the next big hit in the industry. (In reality, I'm an apprentice summoner and will likely be slaughtered at the sight of anything bigger than a half-dead squirrel in a wheelchair.)

Anyways, while I'm still taking the baby steps, I've been playing around with Slick in Java.
There's a fairly wide variety of questions, just something I've tried to locate but miserably failed or couldn't find a source I could comprehend. (Hence, black magic)

1) Are there any limitations as to the number of states one can have at a given time.

I like to have my "code.." (no, let's keep with "scribbles") neatly packed, namely in packages. And quite a lot of classes within them.
2) Is there any reason not to use lots of packages? They make things so neat and tidy. And I'd really like to try to keep my... scribbles clean.

Classes, similar question, although this one might be too vague.
3) Is it alright to use classes to just store and give data to other places? (I'll try to give an example to get a little tighter area. Say I got a town. Town has a population, certain building and their 'levels', Natural resources and crafted production. Is it alright to use one class to only hold this information and their getMethod() thingies?

4) Tooltips! Actually, how can I show multiple states at the same time, if at all possible? (I recon the tooltips wouldn't need it's own state anyways, but say an... pff Action bar like thing that would show information one would need in almost all states.)

Hopefully you understand them.
Thanks in advance