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Texturing a procedural Icosahedron

18 October 2012 - 04:38 AM

So as part of my development I am trying to generate procedural planets in my game. I really want to use a subdivided icosahedral based sphere and have had a lot of success.
I'm working on creating procedural textures and as far as UV mapping that has been simple, as it just uses the same subdivision as the 3D vectors.

I'm am just curious about techniques of texturing. I am trying to use 10 square textures that are procedurally generated and am having trouble with coordinates. Pretty much a dymaxion map split in to 10 sets of two triangles.

Since each square actually represents a diamond made up of two equalateral triangles, I am having trouble converting coordinates in each pixel of a texture to either long-lat coordinates or 3D coordinates of the sphere surface. I need all textures to fit together seamlessly so I need a formula to get real world coordinates from texture coordinates.

tldr; Convert 2D dymaxion world texture coordinates to 3D coordinates or lat/long coordinates accurately?