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In Topic: Java or C# career and future of programming

08 August 2012 - 02:05 PM

yeah but what if windows is going away ?? google is activating millions of android devices and apple is selling so much ios devices they say they sold more than pc etc what if that trend continue for the next 5-10 years... peoples seem to prefer mobile over a desktop and since mostly 80% of the peoples out there doesn't need the full power of a high end desktop where are we going ??

In Topic: Java or C# career and future of programming

07 August 2012 - 11:44 PM

Richard Cesar : are you saying that .Net is on it's way out with Html5 and Javascript being the future of windows development for UI in Windows 8 metro ??? Lot's of peoples told me that WebGL may not be 100% supported in IE10 and that you won't have 100% access to the .Net framework as it is to develop Metro apps only but you will be ok for desktop apps, I think they limit you somehow for the Windows Store ( am not 100% sure about this )

a good Java programmer told me that Java was the way to go for backend stuff's on server because jvm based languages may dominates on the cloud while running on free linux vm's, and that .Net as the edge on everything front end but that both languages could do mostly all the same things. I've been advised to learn .Net because I already have MS expertise with Active Directory domains and all the rest of the MS networkings stuffs he said to me I'll be able to build great program and combine them with Powershell who could give me a edge on the job market but on the other side the experienced Java programmer told me Java as the edge on Mobile because Microsoft isn't in the game yet againt apple/android ... but what worry me about Java is desktop apps development .Net is stronger there and it seem that most big companies stick with Asp.Net and MVC 3 for the big web project so it seem pretty safe in the distant future

But what about Mobile ?? and will Metro really succeed and be a game changer ??

In Topic: Java or C# career and future of programming

06 August 2012 - 01:24 PM

so you recommend me to stick with .Net because of my expertise with Microsoft Networking already ?? it will work better together as a whole and I'll be more marketable at more places that's what you say ?? that's what I think too but look at what the author Harvey Deitel told me about Java and C# in a email :

"" C# and Java have similar capabilities. Most professionals would say that they're almost equivalent in expressive power. I wouldn't say that you can do exactly the same things in each language, but their capabilities are very close. Again, once you master one of these languages, you'll be able to master the other easily, but it will still take time. ""

What he mean in almost equivalent in expressive power but he wouldn't say you can do exactly the same things in each language etc he mean desktop apps and windows dev is better off with .net and all the server back end stuffs is better off with Java for the open source technology like hibernate springs etc ???

thanks a lot for the important replies

In Topic: Java or C# career and future of programming

05 August 2012 - 07:05 PM

dilyan_rusev : so if I have a good understanding of active directory domains and dns,dhcp, exchange, sharepoint and all the microsoft networkings and system administrators stuffs it would be better off for me to learn C# to complement that ??? I'll be more marketable in a way than Java no ? since it all goes together and I'll be able to build desktop/metro apps that goes with the system admins and network stuffs ???

but Java goes very well with Linux and all the open source stacks of networking too like oracle ibm etc What do you think ?

thanks for everything again please go on if you want

In Topic: Java or C# career and future of programming

05 August 2012 - 12:50 PM

Yeah but the thing with Java that worry me is the lack of UI and windows support I mean you can do mostly everything C# can do and all that with springs and the others librairies but it seem C# is just better for UI/desktop apps on windows and Visual Studio is just night and days ahead of Eclipse and Netbeans from what I heard is that true ???

the other thing is with Java I will be coding/maintaining mostly what ? backend server code ?? I heard Java isn't used much for desktop apps and more for legacy theses days but what interest me a lot is it's potential with android and the cross platform

any great books you guys recommend to start learning C# 4.0 ???