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In Topic: Clouds in OpenGL?

11 June 2012 - 04:21 PM

Hi there. I've been looking into clouds recently, maybe some of the research I've done could guide you towards a solution.

Perhaps the simplest solution is going from 2D to 3D Perlin Noise.

I would suggest using billboard sprites as dpadam450 said. I'd recommend reading two papers, "A Simple, Efficient Method for Realistic Animation of Clouds" by Yoshinori Dobashi (PDF), as he describes a way to represent cloud volumes. The second paper is on the actual billboard sprites, "Real-Time Cloud Rendering" by Mark Harris (PDF).

If you want really nice clouds, try http://wiki.patapom.com/index.php/Clouds. It the most extensive documentation on clouds I've found to date, but it is very complex. Good luck.