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In Topic: How can make multiple stages for running multiple movie files using openGL?

14 June 2012 - 01:40 AM

I am newer in this field. Now my problem is,I want to make program in xcode on mac where i want to make a window in two stages and two movie will run on it and these movie file data will come from buffer.Thats mean i have two movie file and i want to play these file concurrently in one window on two stages.Now can anybody give any suggestion or sample code help or any url link then it will helpful for me to know how to make such kind of window using openGL.
Note That: this movie time interval may be different and different movie file format but all of these movie will come from the buffer to represent in different stage in one window using openGL.
sorry if i am not good in explanation so if any further question then please do not hesitate to ask. because it is very urgent to me.

Thanks In Advance Emon