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#5002028 Best OpenGL books for beginners (C++)

Posted by on 18 November 2012 - 07:35 AM

Hey all,
I am interested as to what your takes are on what books to get for OpenGL programming?

I want to buy a couple books so that I can learn 3D Game Programming with OpenGL in C++ however I am not sure as to what to get. I don't so much want a big reference book as much as I want a book that offers some direction in its text in terms of actual game programming and does not just act as a reference for experienced users. I have been looking at Beginning OpenGL Game Programming, second edition and was thinking that a second book I could buy would be More OpenGL Game Programming?
The one query I have for anyone that has read More OpenGL Game Programming. Its publication date is 2006 whilst Beginning OpenGL Game Programming's publication date is 2009, will its information still be relevant?

What do you all think about what book to get?