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#4951064 Write a story for this game concept

Posted by on 20 June 2012 - 12:11 PM

Hmm, interesting. Alan Wake was the first thing that came to mind seeing these pictures though lol. This might not be the best story, but here's a brief pitch:

You're Neal Mathers, a local farmer's teenage son and many of his animals has gone mission or were found mutilated corpses. Day after day, on the radio you hear news of children gone missing and your father warns you not to be out past dark. While sleeping one night around 4:00am, a bright light shines from the sky through your window, you look outside and in awe, you see a huge silver disc in the sky glowing with many bright colors and it slowly hovers out of the farm and into the dark forest and you follow it until it’s totally out of sight. While following the UFO, you find yourself lost and have to get back to the farm but on your way, you see creepy creatures in the night whose faces are hidden behind the dark with only their white glowing eyes exposed. They try to catch you and you're running and hiding from them with a shovel as your only defense. You hide behind one tree, and peek behind you to see two creatures approach as they come close, you hit one with a shovel and run on to the next cover. Many of them begin to approach slowly and you continue a cat and mouse chase through the night.

Finally, you lose them and time passes as dawn breaks along the way back to the farm, you find many children and people your age reported missing on the radio all around the forest as you go along, they seem to be escapees from a creature they describe as the Harvester who lives in what they call the sky house and they're all out looking for the remaining children who were there with them to bring them back to their main hideout, which I guess could be the first picture. Missions consist of finding your way through mazes of crop circles in the forest, using the environment to hide from the Grays (aliens dispatched in the forest to find escapees) and finding out what’s going on in the tower where mysterious echoing sounds of the unknown are heard in the forest every night and colored strobe lights beam through the windows. I’m thinking clues may come through some of the children in riddles and you play through occasional dream sequences (which really feel like a dream by using a dolly zoom effect and surreal and hallucinatory aesthetics and visuals in a real world to add to the mystique of the game)