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In Topic: How to transition into Game Dev with Java

02 July 2014 - 09:31 AM

To mention one more useful framework, look at libgdx. It has more suitable framework for making games than lwjgl or jogl. For the 3d part you have lwjgl wrapped in. For physics you have integrated box2d. For detailed feature list look here.

In Topic: I need help with learning game development

16 August 2013 - 11:16 PM

AaronPreston, let me tell you a secret to learning superfast. Assuming that you've found a good enough teacher, just trust them and follow them without question, and don't think too much about whether you understand it or not. At this point, you don't even know enough about the subject to know what questions are useful to ask or even why. But as you spend time coding and just doing stuff over time, your subconscious will gradually pick up on the logic of it and you'll come back to previously written code and go all "oh so THAT's why we wrote that, ok now I get it".


The biggest mistake that students do, across all disciplines, is that they insist on learning everything about the stuff as they're learning it. They ask redundant questions, assume fallacies and do all manners of mistakes because they suffer from what is called the Dunnig-Kruger effect. In other words, "I know a little, therefore I know what's best for me and nobody is gonna tell me otherwise".


Don't think (I know it sounds horrible, because people often mistake this for being a mindless sheep for the authorities - insert "Illuminati conspiracy", if you wish hehe), but let your subconscious do that work in the background. It's astronomically more powerful than your conscious. In fact, your subconscious dictates the kind of consciousness you can even have, to begin with. People often think of thinking in wrong ways. Thoughts (referring to those mind's-eye conscious images, words, sounds or feelings that pop up in your head) are exclusively meant for (1) reflection and testing hypotheses by creating a mental image of its possibility and actuality space and (2) fantasizing about stuff for fun.


If you only understood half of what I just said, then that's ok. You'll get it eventually. smile.png


Yeah, to understand what you said, I have to understand my understanding ;-)

In Topic: Advice wanted for budding game developer

08 August 2013 - 06:40 AM

Unity mainly uses JavaScript and C# for scripting. You can choose the one that suits you well. Here are some links that will get you started-





In Topic: GDnet Birthday Thread

17 June 2013 - 06:30 AM

Happy birthday GameDev biggrin.png GameDev started on 15 June, 14 years ago and I became a member on 18 June, 1 year ago. Our birth date is so close ! (not the birth year though tongue.png)

In Topic: Starting 2D multiplayer game designing

01 June 2013 - 11:57 AM

First get the grasp of what it means to make a 2D game, then start thinking about multiplayer, because sometimes 2D can be so complex that adding the word multiplayer seems like a burden unsure.png