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In Topic: Simple .obj loader (C++)

18 June 2012 - 11:02 PM


I do understand the file format of OBJ files, and understand a little of how the parsing/storing/rendering works too. What I'm getting confused, actually, is in which part of a given code I should call my .obj models for them to appear on the screen. This, obviously, changes in each code, and that's where I'm getting stuck. None of the codes I've found have a documentation that I could understand.

Sorry if I'm confusing more the situation...

Just to clarify, this obviously is a college task, but my task is not to write my own obj loader. The task is to load several .objs from an existing loader, and then set camera views and mouse + keyboard interactions to each one of them. But since I'm stuck in the first part... =(

Btw, thank you for your answer!