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In Topic: Creating surfaces in SDL and alpha channel problems

20 June 2012 - 12:22 PM

Actually I produced all of these images in Gimp. They're all PNG files. When I open them in editor the background is transparent. Of course I made a little blur effect around the edges so that it looks smoother when I put it on the surface of the image. Is there any specific option to turn on or off when I'm saving these files? Of course I deleted the background and in PNG files are only letters or this avatar.

As I said, I believe that the problem with the text is that I cannot create a surface with alpha channel, because putting letters on the surface don't change background - I've checked it with filling the surface txt_image with red color just after creating and before putting letters, then the background is red as I've filled it. I also created this surface with extra space adding 1 to the text.lentgh() and then multiplying it by spacing. Then this black rectangle appers in a place for that "ghost" letter so it seems that this surface doesn't have channel alpha at all and is covered with black colour after creating.

In Topic: Creating surfaces in SDL and alpha channel problems

20 June 2012 - 04:05 AM

You mean when I use colorkey? Yes everything appears but there is that colour around these letters which I would like not to have. I just create surface with alpha channel... completly blank, transparent etc. then on that surface put a letter which has also transparent background so that there will be only the text.