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Can't Decide What Kind of Music to Make!

21 June 2012 - 07:22 PM

Hey im designing a 2D platformer game and i cant decide weather to do classic NES style music like that in mario mixed with some other stuff or give it a modern sound, like in newer games.

Need Help Designing Characters

21 June 2012 - 06:36 PM

Hey guys ive been working on a game and i really need some help designing characters, im a pretty good artist, at least good enough to draw what i need but ive basically run out of ideas for character clothing, hair, and possibly stance. There's about 10-15 characters, taking place in an urban setting, and it revolves around mainly hand to hand combat and i was wondering if you guys had any ideas?

Need Help Writing A Storyline For My Game (Stuck)

20 June 2012 - 11:59 AM

Hey ive been working on a beat em up game for some time now and i want to introduce unique story lines for my 15 characters kind of like tekken. But i seem to be stuck finding a reason why these 15 characters would all be in one place trying to defeat one boss. I'll give you guys a bit of background info on the game. So its going to be based in mostly urban areas like streets, malls, subway, rooftops, movie theater, construction site, etc. but it will have some non urban areas as well. Anyway there are going to be 15 characters and one main boss they all want to fight. They're not nessecarily working together but i am making a co-op mode so they do need to have some reason why they might interact with each other.

I'm really stuck on this, if you guys could offer any ideas. The MAIN thing i need is why all of them are trying to defeat this boss, like what did he do to make them go after him, or something.

and if anyone has any ideas for a unique story line for one of the 15 characters id love to hear it. the story line doesn't have to be so text heavy. like one of my story lines is that one of the characters wants to achieve fame and wealth (pretty basic). So yeah, please help! im really stuck

Best Programming Language For a Beat'em Up Game

19 June 2012 - 03:35 PM

Hey, im relatively new to designing games, so i thought i would ask for some help from some people with experience. My long term goal is to make a beat'em up game, similar to something like Little Fighters 2 or Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Anyway i was hoping you guys could give me some insight on what would be the best programming language for me to get comfortable with so i can work on a game like this. Any help is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: sorry for not mentioning it, but yes im aiming for a 2D game.