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pls help me with few directx doubts... Am a beginner

18 December 2012 - 11:36 PM

Hello, i am a beginner in game programming and i am learning direct x 10 from the book 'intro. To 3d game programming with direct x 10' . I have lots of doubts.Please help me 1. Most of the time i am confused with view matrix and projection matrix.
ie i am lost in 3d space. I placed a triangle pyramid at the centre with co-ordinates
-1 0 1 , 0 1 1 , 1 0 1,
-1 0 4 , 0 1 4 , 1 0 4

and used index buffer to specify indices .... And i am sure that it is correct... Now i am problem with view and projection matrix

D3DXMatrixPerspectiveForLH(&proj, 0.5f * D3DX_PI , aratio , 1, 1000);

D3DXMatrixLookAtLH(&View , &pos , &target , &up);

where pos = 0 4 -1 target = 0 1 1

now what i see is a screen shows is a single color which i set for second vortex. I didn't see any 3d object.... I am sure that the problem is with placing virtual camera . Please help me with this problem on how to place the camera and what should me its projection matrix .....

2. How to program a 3d navigable interface just like in first person games and one additional thing is that if i want to go up i should be able to go in that direction....
At lease i myself move around that 3d space and look around for that object that i have placed there.

3. To display text I used GDI textout fn but it is not displayed.. So how to use gdi with direct 3D
(I know Win32 api for a good extent)