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Please Unlock my thread. No justifiable reason to lock it. Thanks

07 February 2013 - 08:45 AM

I started a thread many months ago and when I came back, I saw that is was locked. I had other important matters to uphold and couldn't visit this place for some time. Still, there was no rules that were broken, and the moderator who locked it calling me a spammer is insulting. Still, I'm planning to keep that thread alive and no I am not a spammer, I receieved some many consutructive criticisim and helpful advice, and I took crucial steps to realizing my goal.


Here is the thread.



I tried messaging one of the moderators but I always receive a SQL errors, and couldn't.


I also have many more questions to ask.



Dedicating my whole life to creating my dream game. Going to college

20 June 2012 - 11:04 PM

Hello guys,

After browsing this site for a bit, I was really impressed by the amount of help people are getting from the community to better their game making experience. That is my main reason for signing up, to seek some assistance.

I just recently finished highschool and I'm not too young(25 years old). I never really took schooling seriously but in the past year I have been putting so much preasure on myself to finish it and I did it in an adult high school.

For the past couple of months I have been reading everything about gaming and how to make them, and like most of the people who are just starting out, I begin to have questions on what langauge to start with.

I think I did my homework in deciding to start learning python first before moving on to other advanced languages. I'm planning to attend algonquin college, and take thier game developement program(3 years). It will be 2013 that I will attend and the only reason I'm going to be starting next year is becauseI need to make money to pay for college (as a pizza delivery guy) ;).

I have one year to prepare myself or learn as much as I can before going to college. For anyone interested, this is the program and the courses offered(highlighting each course would give you an outline of what the student will learn). http://www2.algonquincollege.com/mediaanddesign/program/game-development/

Something about me is that when I put my mind into something, I tend to do it and aim for perfection. Game programming is my passion. I want to create an entire game without having to hire people to help me, in the future. I will dedicate my whole life doing it because this game would effect me and people around me. The story and lore is present already, and a general idea of what kind of game I'm aiming for is as follows.

Game type: Open world action adventure rpg game( think mass effect/ assassins creed/ watch dogs) Its extremely hard, I know but not impossible.
Setting:Very early age(sticks and stones)
Game engine: I don't think I will be aiming at creating my own engine but use ones privided. Paying a license and royalities wouldn't be a problem later on. (it wouldn't hurt to learn how to develope one ofcourse)

Within 5 years time, I'm planning on starting on this dream project, but in the mean time I need to be as ready as possible. Within these 4 years I will be creating small games to get the hang of it(also school projects and whatnot)

oh yea, I only sleep 3 hours a day only because I eat 2 very small meals and exercise alot. Like I said earlier, I'm willing to dedicate my whole time just learning and I have more than 10 hours of free time everyday. I just need a direction from the pro's and see if I'm on the right track. Furthermore, there are many python begginer books and I'm debating on which to buy.

Any comments, suggestions, and/or advice is very welcome.


Mr. Nayef