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[Dx8] Texture & Blending

22 June 2012 - 03:12 PM

Hi all, (and sorry if my english is bad).

I develop a game in Vb6 with directx8, now I'm stuck on a problem and I don't know if it's correctable.
To explain my problem, I create textures in format A8R8G8B8 (32bits) and filled this with preloaded textures (png).

The problem is that the generated texture doesn't display a correct rendering. For example, if I draw something with transparent pixels, DirectX blending what I draw with the background color (transparent black) and so the texture rendered is darker than it should be.

I can't desactivate alphablending. So I tried different operation of blending (also srcblend and destblend) and I haven't found solutions..

You can download here the source who reproduce my problem and see here an image of the problem.

Thank for any help.

Edit : You can see here exactly le same problem, but he hasn't found a real solution.