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In Topic: Beginners way to game making?

24 June 2012 - 02:44 PM

This is a good start with C++:

You should also check out tom slopers page.

It's quite a lot of work to get into game development, so good luck.

Thanks for the reccomendation, I shall look into it and give it a read. After all, Ive got all summer to do it Posted Image

I'm perhaps making a bold statement here, but to understand what pointers really are and do, I think you should read a good book on assembler first. Play a bit with it. Make some simple programs. Go back to C/C++ and exercise a lot with pointer tutorials. Assembler is really not THAT hard to understand, just not practical to code large complex programs.

Actually, before I got into C++ I did learn Visual Basic and before that BASIC. I don't know how much assembler resembles on BASIC but my dad said it's better not to get into it since it is pretty old.

As many have said before, it's important to understand pointers if you're going to make games. If you know someone who knows programming, a good way is to ask them to explain pointers, because they're not hard once the "coin drops", it just seems strange until you understand why they're good/important. Reading about pointers may not help everyone, but if you have a friend who can explain them ina way that you can understand, that'll make things easier.

As for where to start, I recommend 2D. Text-based won't teach you things you need to understand when going graphical, the way I see it. And writing a game that uses the console window will only present problems related to making things for a console window, which I would say is very different from working with something like openGL.

OpenGL is good stuff. You should definitely learn the basics of it, because openGL gives you a lot of control. But I agree that it's like hitting a wall when you're about to learn it, with glPushMatrix and such which is only normally explained in such a technical way that it seems you need to know the inner workings on the graphics card to be able to use it. It's not that hard, but it sure seems like it. Sadly, there are few, if any, shortcuts to learning it. But personally, I think directX is an even bigger wall.

Learning to use a game engine, without learning something like openGL, will probably stifle you further down the line. You should try to learn the basics of drawing a textured quad in an openGL window, at least.

But yes, we all learn differently, and taste comes into play. These are my 50 cent.


Back then I didnt know much about hardware. Now I know a lot about how the CPU and GPU work. Maybe I should give it another go? As mentioned when I saw the glPushMatrix being used here and there I was like O.O. However I did learn how to make a rotating cube Posted Image. Id appreciate very much if you could point me to some books, or will the Red Book be fine?