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Beginners way to game making?

22 June 2012 - 05:35 PM

Hi there. So I'm kind of new around here and don't know if ive posted in the right section (if any), so apologies on that.

Since I was little I enjoyed playing videogames and well now that Im older (16) I decided that I would want to work in something related to games. Not art oriented but programming oriented. So I've done quite some research and couldn't find much relevant information about beginning to develop basic games. So I find myself here asking for advice. First heres my background:
I started learning C++ 2 or 3 years ago and since then I haven't practiced it much(school and what not). I read a book which cant remember what its called but I got to pointers, which back then I found it too complicated so I stopped there. I also only got to know the basics of classes and structs. I did get to do some very basic file writing and reading. So yeah I know the basics of C++ but I think I might be getting left behind since I need previous experience and projects to even apply for a job when I grow older.
I'm also quite experienced in 3D design (I like playing around with Blender 3D and experimenting with it).
So in essence I think I got the very basics layed down to start getting into game development.

The thing is I dont know where to start. I know that UDK, Unity, Cry engine and even the Blender game engines are there but I dont know if they will be too complicated. Should I start with 2D games? If so what software is out there? When learning C++ I tried learning a bit of OpenGL and but didnt get very far. Also Im towards the programming aspect, not so much into the sort of drag and drop style. I prefer to have some coding in it, which of course would be C++ or C.

Thanks and all advice is very much appreciated