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Su3De open source embedded device 3D engine

22 June 2012 - 05:37 PM

Hello everyone,

My name is Rick Tewell and I am developing a Open Source 3D engine for embedded devices. The goal of this engine is to be a Super Easy to Use 3D Engine (hence the forced name Su3De - pronounced Suede). Currently, I am describing it on my blog at http://www.ricktewell.com. As the project progresses, I will be setting up a project on SourceForge and making the code available there.

By way of a little background, I am the Director of Engineering for Fujitsu Semiconductor and we make graphics SoCs (ARM based w/2D and 3D graphics engines). We have need of a really light weight 3D engine for embedded systems without all of the other "stuff" found in other engines like physics, sound, collision detection, particle emitters, etc. This will be used for user interfaces that employ 3D objects as buttons, icons, information, etc.

At any rate, as Su3De progresses I will add notes here. Feel free to join in the discussion - likes / dislikes...i am crazy, smart...whatever. We will be using this engine in commercial applications here in the US as well as in Japan...so it is a serious effort.

Hope to see you in Su3De!!!

Rick Tewell - Fujitsu Semiconductor