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SIC Games

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Journal Entries

SIC Games' Journal > Engine Update - Rendering Bounding Volumes

Posted 23 August 2015

I'll get Bounding Sphere bounding volume to render shortly. I just wanted to render a AABB. Awesome thing is it's now fit to the actual mesh. Sometimes when the mesh gets imported - it has to be scaled down a bit leaving the min max verticies for the AABB to be the same. I'll fix that after loading time - so it's best fit bounding box.

Also I added blinn...

SIC Games' Journal > Engine Update - Frustum Culling, multiple subsets

Posted 13 August 2015

Today I got around to adding loading multiple sub meshes and frustum culling. I'll be looking more in depth of occlusion culling and other culling techniques as in Octree Culling.

As for the Pillar Ball model I just quickly made it in 3DS Max without caring about unwrapping UVS. That's why you get that awful stretch. I'll be working on having each tex...

SIC Games' Journal > Game Engine Update - Bloom Post Process

Posted 22 July 2015

Finally today I've added bloom - I know not every object has bloom in the real world. It bugs when when I'm playing a game and I see a shirt giving off bloom effect.

Originally I was rendering normal scene and bloom scene to different render targets. Then I was applied the blur to bloom texture using a UI Bitmap Element. I figured it out it wasn't workin...

SIC Games' Journal > Game Engine Update

Posted 18 June 2015

I'm just going to make this quick entry in my journal. So far there's been a couple nice updates; the ability to play my own video format perfectly. The ability to create a spinning progress ring while a scene loads. On top of the scene loading - it is multithreaded to load the scene while displaying the progress ring. Once finished loading the scene then...

SIC Games' Journal > Performance testing with bit operations, SSE2 and asm

Posted 01 May 2015

Today I figure I sit down and see how SSE2 is benefitial to a game. I don't come fromt a strong background knowledge of ASM code. However, I found it fascinating to say the least! I can understand the headaches that go into ASM but if you can get around knowing some ASM then you're good to go on SSE2 instructions.

As I already aknowledged from previous i...