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SIC Games

Member Since 22 Jun 2012
Offline Last Active May 13 2015 08:26 AM

Journal Entries

SIC Games' Journal > Performance testing with bit operations, SSE2 and asm

Posted 01 May 2015

Today I figure I sit down and see how SSE2 is benefitial to a game. I don't come fromt a strong background knowledge of ASM code. However, I found it fascinating to say the least! I can understand the headaches that go into ASM but if you can get around knowing some ASM then you're good to go on SSE2 instructions.

As I already aknowledged from previous i...

SIC Games' Journal > Started to Dive into the Compute Shader!

Posted 06 March 2015

I admit personally that when I heard about Compute Shader that I thought it was an over complex odeal. It's actually fascinating because of the parallel possibilities. It's literally turbo charging your game's speed to create box blurs or any other post processing effect; even managing physics with particles.

I created a Unorder Access View then from tha...

SIC Games' Journal > Another great way to reduce my insantiy with interfaces...

Posted 17 July 2014

Upon revising the engine's SDK - I finally understood how powerful creating interfaces can truely be! Say inside the level editor the grid outline outputs color - the skybox outputs texture data - meshes output a material shader and billboards output with a geometry shader.

This is where the beauty comes in play.//-- ShaderSystem.h//-- Basestruct Shader...

SIC Games' Journal > Take a Break - Step Back - Rethink - Reoganize

Posted 21 October 2012

Sometimes taking a break from this forum is healthy. Sometimes taking a break from game programming is healthy as well. Every intrepretes another person's action by previous experiences from other people. A belief system that is learned through powerful charged emotional experiences with people - usually sets these triggers off. For me, intelligence is...

SIC Games' Journal > Fix Fix Fix-A-Roo

Posted 07 October 2012

Spent about the week or two weeks re-structurizing the framework. So, far so good! Upon creating a improved flow instead of using tons of pointers; I had to fix little minor issues: when window was minimized and restored it pooped out a external exception. This is fixed. When I maximized the window or resized the window - the 3D Model looked like...