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Journal Entries

Riuthamus's Freelance > The Harvest: Castle Prototype

Posted 28 March 2015

I have attached a screenshot of what I have been working on for the past week. The overall time to complete this has only been about 2 hours but with the purchase of the new house I have very little time to actually sit down and work on the models. In the interest of showing off what I have I wanted to share so here ya go!


Riuthamus's Freelance > The Harvest: Farm System v1

Posted 21 March 2015

It has been a busy month for us due to the conversion to Unity 5.0. Finally, we have some progress worth showing. Goss has been hard at work adding in the old systems and ensuring they are clean/tidy for the new Unity 5.0 setup. All of this has been rather time consuming as we have had to rethink how we might do some elements of the farming system, but al...

Riuthamus's Freelance > Fences + Farm

Posted 06 March 2015

Since the drop of Unity 5.0 we have decided to rework our entire setup. This process will be an annoying one but will provide us with some well overdue cleaning. We added in the farm system and revamped how it works. To gain a better understanding of what I mean by "Farm System" I shall explain:

When we started this project we needed a system to auto gen...

Riuthamus's Freelance > The Harvest ( Post Contest )

Posted 04 March 2015

It has been some time since I have posted a journal update (due to moving to Hawaii) but I plan to change that this week. I would show off some video but we have been busying converting everything over to Unity 5.0. To name off a few new updates:
Stash system now works
Fully functional inventory system
Fully functional farm system
Fully functional time of...

Riuthamus's Freelance > The Harvest: Aftermath

Posted 10 November 2014

So, after the end of the contest: Byte, Goss, and myself decided to move on with the project we had started. Telanor eventually joined as well and has been working on some of the more important systems. So what has been completed since the end of the contest?

Ful rewrite of all code (it was sloppy and NOT condusive to a quality game)
Optomization of all...