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In Topic: Pixel Art Sprites - An Overused Art Style?

Yesterday, 01:31 PM

I would say this is the age old problem for anything. Many people use this style because it is easy to create. Freelance for it is rather cheap and affordable so it is fairly attractive to indie devs. Just beacuse the previous statement is true deosnt mean its bad or low quality. In fact, many new high end companies are noticing that well done pixel art can be a great way to provide a timeless feeling.


I just recently got into the alpha called: Duelyst and it uses pixel art + new shaders. The art is so well done that I dont even mind the retro freel and at times feel as though im playing with actual models. So, in short, you can do it correctly so long as you put some thought into it.

In Topic: How can I improve my game graphics? Feedback is much appreciated :)

Yesterday, 01:27 PM

The major issue with the graphics I see is the lighting. You could work to improve your understanding of lighting which will help the look of the game. Furthermore, you can try to limit your number of colors per object. Pick the color you wish to use as the base for that texture/model and select a higher and lower value. ONLY create colors using those 3 values . This will help your work look less busy and will really make you focus on the concept of lighting.

In Topic: [LFW PAID] Cartoon Style Art Studio

Yesterday, 01:23 PM

The art is great, sadly this is not suppose to be posted here. Please post your request on the classified section.

In Topic: Blender like graphics editor

Yesterday, 01:20 PM


was limited to mouse

My argument was not against using different tools (pen/tablet vs mouse), my argument was against using professional tools doing basically the same, eg. zbrush vs sculptris vs blender when comparing sculpting, thought there are some awesome artists at polycount which can do stunning art with a mouse only.



True, and I would argue I did some crazy stuff with a mouse as well. The difference is with how much time it takes and the type of strokes. Learning techniques are different as well when you have an actual pen pad.

In Topic: Blender like graphics editor

23 March 2015 - 10:04 AM





And before you put some bucks into buying professional tools. There's the common misconception of that professional tools help people making professional art, but the only truth is, that professional artist get art done more efficiently with professional tools. Just watch some videos of professional artist and what they can do with just a piece of paper and a pencil...



This seems to happen often. If you read the comments of the tutorials on youtube you constantly see what program is that or what brush are you using. Like if they just had that special brush or program they would be able to paint like the tutorial. I used to think I would be better if I just had a cintiq but I ended up getting one and I still suck. It doesn't matter what program or special tool you have its all about whos in control of the pen.



I disagree to a point. For the longest time my art was limited to mouse and no special brushes. The art I was able to produce was great but certainly limited. After getting my cintiq and finding out how to make those special brushes my art has increased in quality drastically. So, in some cases the tools can help (assuming the person has the skill to use it)