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Order or 2D drawable entities

23 June 2012 - 09:27 AM

Hey Guys,

I was asking myself what would be the best way to order my entities drawn on my map in 2D space.
What I actually do is Draw the map background, Draw all entities (pawns + projectiles) in a given order, Draw the map foreground.
For all my entities, I need to draw them in Y coordinate order.

I could :
1. Order every time I draw on screen, every tick I go trough the whole array (ordered) and reorder using a simple bubble sort and continue to cycle until nothing requires ordering.
2. Order directly in the classes when moving. If an entity moved, it requires reorder.

I do not know much about reordering techniques and I will surely (or maybe?) not use C# LinQ OrderBy method.

Thank you for answers !