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In Topic: What do you think about my demo?

19 August 2014 - 08:16 AM

Remove the hand entirely, or at least shade it as dark as the background and move it down so the arm isn't visible.


I do specify in the beginning of the trailer "Majority of models used are place-holders". As for removing it entirely, it's impossible, zones like that tunnel would be in complete dark, I'd have to add some kind of background light, which won't look good either.


The demo itself is more of an ask of help to developers rather than normal users, I realize that most users won't like the idea just because of the models used, but that's the point, to be able to replace them all...

In Topic: What do you think about my demo?

19 August 2014 - 08:03 AM

Add idle animation to hand, otherwise it looks wooden or made of stone.


That is why I I'm trying to raise funds in the first place..


but nowhere can I see what I actually DO in the game. Is it a FPS, a stealth shooter, a puzzle game, etc? I'm not going to download a demo without knowing a bit more...


I just added more info about the project both on the website and on the steam page. And you cannot actually download the demo, right now I'm trying to raise the funds to actually finish the demo.

In Topic: extern definition?

14 July 2014 - 11:51 PM

may i ask what the other 2 uses of extern are? (probably one is to use the C linkage)

In Topic: Template non type parameters question

07 July 2014 - 03:20 AM

But I don't get a thing: why a simple constant global pointer won't be accepted, yet declaring that pointer with the external keyword, will make it work?


As far as I know, globals have program scope, so they aren't internally linked (per cpp file), so I don't see the problem.


the response:

A name of file scope that is explicitly declared const, and not explicitly declared extern, has internal linkage, while in C it would have external linkage

In Topic: How is this a pass by value?!

01 July 2014 - 06:20 PM




I can't believe I didn't notice this:


I failed so hard because I was thinking about objects. You know, you have an object, and 2 pointers, a pointer points to it, and you make the second pointer point to it too, and no matter which pointer changes something about the object(using the dereference op, which is not used here, another triple facepalm for me), the other pointer will obviously see the change too.


Here, the situation was more like: the 2 pointers point to the same object, but later one of them is made to point to another different object...

void set(char const *&value)

There you took a reference to a pointer, and of course doing any change inside the function is actually made to the pointer outside the function.




You could've in a way, modify the outside char array if you could use the dereference operator, but since the array is constant(because its a literal), there is no way in which you can change the array.(ONLY if you were to dynamicly allocate it, you could freely change the array) and of course, not take a pointer to a constant value as an argument.


I explained it so if anyone will ever have the same problem as me, will see things the clear way.(MASSIVE HINT: Look for the GODDAMN dereference operator damn it!)


I'm literally cringing in shame when I think about this....oh god....


Thanks Brother Bob smile.png