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In Topic: total noob here. Can you recommend a c++ compiler?

24 June 2012 - 06:39 PM

Hellooww! I fell like i should share my EPIC quest in finding an IDE for C++, because i have Tried MANY!!!

I would say that MS Visual C++ 2010 is a great choise, and i think is the most popular. BUT ....

Looking and surfing i found that the one i like the most is the QT IDE, http://qt.nokia.com/products/

The Qt Creator is just awesome for programming in C++, and its cross-platform, so you can write your code once and compile anyware.
It also has the whole Qt framework for programing graphic interface in C++ in case you want to write software.

BUt if you just like to learn C++, you can do a plain C++ project on the Qt Creator and its really smooth.

I prefer Qt Creator over MS Visual C++

In Topic: Best 3d modelling software for beginners?

24 June 2012 - 06:31 PM

Hello! I found myself asking that same question a few months ago, and this is what i can tell you ....

Whatever software you learn and feels comfortable for you will be the right one.
I've red COUNTLESS articles and forums asking ppl to tell me what is the best 3d modeling suit and so far the best answer (and most wise) was just that!

There are many 3d Suits that will do the job just fine

3ds Max, Maya, Blender, etc ...

You need to focus in the learning process of 3d modeling, and then decide which piece of software to use.

I personally recommend using Blender: http://www.blender.org/ especially for beginners! It has a Great community and lots of tutorials online.
It has great, Great Potential and ITS FREE! and Open Source.

But the main reason is because its actually really easy to use, it has a very nice and smooth learning curve and it could really open your eyes to the 3D way of viewing things.

I also learned how to use 3ds Max, because its has some advantages that others dont, and its more difficult, but the idea is the same.

My conclution is: Dont abandon any piece of software, use them, try them out, see how it feels to work with it .... and then.... make a choise, but my guess is that you will end up loving Both Posted Image

hope this was helpful Posted Image

The tools will not make you an artist, your talent will . . . . Posted Image

In Topic: Textured meshes don't look as they should?

24 June 2012 - 06:21 PM

I dont know MAYA Posted Image , But your problems seems to be that the Exporter is not "Exporting" the right UV coordinates to the model ingame. Maybe you should look for "issues related to Importing the files to your game", maybe also trying out the model in a diferent engine :3

In Topic: Talk to me about java in gaming

24 June 2012 - 06:15 PM

Hello, im not much a developer, but i have some experience in Java and C++.

There are some games out there that are fully written in Java . . . there's even a game engine based on Java http://jmonkeyengine.com, So i wouldnt say its impossible to write games in Java, there are also graphic Libraries light the http://www.lwjgl.org/

But in My Personal Opinion, Java wont go as much as,,,, lets say C++ ... At least not for now, the Java VM takes out too much performance for power-hungry games.
If your project is lightweight, JAVA i think is great for that.

The very first language i learned was Java, and I really really Like IT Posted Image I think its a very intuitive and elegant and i think an OOP language like Java is the best way to learn programming (unless you try smalltalk, but its not so much fun).

In my opinion, if you like Java,, Learn JAVA! Posted Image try to make something, and then go on to C++ Posted Image which is also one of my favorites (by the way, Java is 70% C++)
so you wont feel a rough change.

Hope this was useful BYE!Posted Image

In Topic: Linear RPG: Unity3D or UDK?

24 June 2012 - 10:42 AM

Thnks! ... Yes there are some issues with the Blender To UDK, so far i've seen, the only way (good way) to exporto to UDK is with ASE exporting, that is not yet implemented in Blender 2.6x, and it is true, is easy to import to unity. As far as the Royalty licence of UDK, i thnk that wont be a problem, if I manage to make 50.000 out of any game by my self, future royalties wont bother me so much Posted Image, the game would be paid off by then Posted Image. I guess ... If there is a chance.... maybe... .... maybeee... i could get a Unity PRO licence and pay the 1500 U$S, so i can take advantage of the PRO features, which will cover the things im missing from the FREE version, but i dont know yet, i have to do some careful considerations Posted Image ... maybe i should try to make an Ultra-Alpha version of the game Posted Image , like, just one scene and see if i can make it how i want.

Another thing ... Your team works with Unity Free or PRO?