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Linear RPG: Unity3D or UDK?

24 June 2012 - 09:59 AM

Hello Everyone!Posted Image Im New here and i wanted to ask ppl a question i've been pondering a while, i have an idea, layout and desing for a Linear RPG adventure Diablo-Like (third person) and i need your opinion on which Engine to choose.

Right Now Im between Unity3d and UDK, i have little experience with both, but from the looks of it, i think im more fond of UDK. Anyway that is just my newbie perspective...

WHAT I WANTED OT KNOW... IS: Which engine will best support my project.

I've red lots of post saying that UDK is for a team of developers and Unity is more of an Indie Game ENgine better suited for SOLO developers. But Ive also red some different comments on the UDK side.

From my first impresion i could say Unity would prove a more easy task taking in consideration that is has less tools ( BY THE WAY, IM TALKING ABOUT UNITY FREE!!!! Not the PRO version). But i know sufficient Javascript, C++ and a bit of java, so Unity or UDK scripting would not present ... much of a problem Posted Image ( i think ), or maybe just. .... NOT impossible.

But here is the thing, I Know that UDK will provide more to me, as in Effects, Dynamic Lighting and Shadows and so on. So that I will be able to create a better "mood" for the game and a better feel, i Know UDK is a much more powerfull engine. But ... Is it Much of Challenge??? Could It be Impossible for me to even try to complete this game By My Self??? Those are question i can not answer because i dont have a game developer experience of large projects or team projects.

So my question is, If I go for UDK, how much will I achieve? (in what time period) o.O Posted Image Posted Image

Also for UDK developers: How Powerful is Kismet? and How much Unreal Scripting i will need to do?
I realize this are very especific question and probably you cant give me a precise answer, but i want to know your insight on the matter, because im a bit STUCK.

In case is not obvious, i like UDK more than Unity. ( I Dont Dislike Unity, Actually i Think is Great, But I like UDK better)

Thats about it, I will very much apreciate your response on this. I'll look forward for your reply ::: Posted Image Have a Nice Coding