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In Topic: Switching career to game design

24 June 2012 - 03:23 PM

I have read most of the 'sloperama faq'
1. I know the faq says I need to move to where the jobs are, but realistically right now I can't.
2. Secondly, and most importantly, I really want to work in game design mechanics, or possibly level design. I was just never very good at programming. My art skill is quite low,
3. How can I prove my worth? Design documents and one-pagers are nice, but they wont get me a job.

1. Okay. So you'll do it later, when you can. Is that not obvious?
2. Okay. So you need a breaking-in path, not programming, and not art. Find another one.
3. By building a portfolio. And a portfolio website. Work on some amateur/indie projects.

In regards to moving what I mean is, even one day when I have a great portfolio together, should I relocate first? In your faq you mention that I really need to live where the jobs are, but because I have bills, it would be quite difficult to move without a job already setup. Yet I know that my chances are slim to none if the company has to worry about relocation and anything else associated with it.

My other question was about the portfolio itself. As long as its clear that my portfolio isn't a game submission, are a few one-pagers acceptable (in addition to other material).

Thank you Tom! Your FAQ has been incredibly helpful!