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In Topic: Engine for MOBA type of games

14 August 2012 - 01:55 AM

if you want i was looking for a team to do some work on a MOBA and i have already bought a one year subscription for the HeroEngine. It seems very promising for this kind of game if you interested in checking it out let me know and i can show you the little bit i have done.

In Topic: Working on a new MOBA and need help thinking up new skills...

10 August 2012 - 12:35 AM

Firstly, 400. Assuming 4 or 5 spells per hero, you're making 80 to 100 heroes.

I posted in this thread that i revised the number of skills to 100 regular with 50 ultimate skills. Also there are no set characters in this game. Without giving too much info about the game away, when you start this game you will be making your own custom hero based on the skills that are available to you. After the game gets a little farther into production i will post a link to some gameplay footage. Although i do appreciate your input on this issue :D

In Topic: Working on a new MOBA and need help thinking up new skills...

07 August 2012 - 07:49 AM

one more thing to think of when coming up with skills, try and make them independent of each other, i am not making characters with set skills...this game consists of creating your own custom heroes. so i can use skills that are dependent on other skills and this will require people to pick multiple skills to make one skill worth while getting :D

In Topic: Working on a new MOBA and need help thinking up new skills...

07 August 2012 - 07:18 AM

ok so just ran some math and found out 400 skills is going to be waaaay over kill here. so the revised skills that i need to come up with is roughly 100 normal skills and 50 ultimate skills. i am currently at about 6 ultimates and 14 normal skills. i will post a full list of the skills after i have completed them but any more suggestions will help me narrow down the gap i have left! thanks again for all who have helped already, Warka

In Topic: Working on a new MOBA and need help thinking up new skills...

07 August 2012 - 06:01 AM

I don't know what credentials you have, but here are some of my ideas that I didn't get from LoL or whatnot (although some of their skills might be adaptable).

Name - Plague
Effect - Anything within a radius of X gets the plague buff. It slows by Y% and takes Z damage every 3 seconds. Plague victims spread the plague within a radius of X/3
Type - Not sure.
Changes Per Level - XYZ all change
Other - Passive. Also, due to its difficult-to-remove nature, Z should be better than most natural heals but shouldn't be as big as other buffs. Also, anyone who removes the bluff is immune to it for a certain amount of time.

Name - Soul storage
Effect - It leaves an object but reduces many of the users aspects. If the user dies, he respawns at the object with full power but with hp and mp low.
Type - Magical
Changes Per Level - The negative side effects would decrease and the remaining hp and mp at respawn would increase. Moreover, the object might eventually gain more health and a magical ranged attack (as well as the ability to randomly stun enemies). The power of the object would also increase with increased magical power.
Other - Due to possible abuse, make sure that the cooldown isn't too low. And yes, this may have been inspired by Harry Potter.

Edit:Btw this is fun, so I may put some more up later.

I think those two are overpowered, especially the first one, maybe you can make it active and make the caster suffer from 1/2 of the damage, so it can't be abused?

i am sure all the skills that are made for this game will come out a little OP at first but will have to be tweaked during alpha/beta phases of the game. because one thing i know is what sounds OP on paper is completely different in game. Plus i am taking everything i get on here and doing a little tweaking as i begin to form my list.