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Game Engine help?

26 June 2012 - 02:53 PM

So to start this post off, my name is Josh Lyons. I have just recently signed up to this forum in hopes that someone on here may be able to tell me or in the least point me in the right direction of a good game engine. The project I am working on is just a side thing that I do on weekends with a long time friend of mine and we haven't really taken it that seriously (Hence the fact it was only worked on 2-3 hours a week). Anyways, the game I am currently trying to develop is a homage to old school linear-ish type PS2 games (Think Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, the Jak & Daxter series). I want to develop a game that captures the amazing story-telling and solid game play that these games instilled into my generation. I have a lot of concept art done for the game and I don't want to put out too much details about it right now, but the main plot boils down to a world being threatened by an age old enemy and an unlikely hero trying to save it (Which is what almost all Ps2 games I played were!) I just need a solid engine that can deliver visuals at a medium-high range and can be used to create my 3rd person action/adventure game. If any more details are needed please just ask, I will be more than grateful to supply what I can. (And if I placed this question in the wrong section I do apologize for that, haven't been a member of a forum in a very long time and aren't really sure of the rules anymore!)

Again, thanks for the quick responses and hopefully I can get going with this project!