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In Topic: Can Anyone Suggest A Good FPS Program?

29 December 2012 - 03:17 PM

If your dad can program, it's still not Universal.


Programming isn't Universal, and changing API's (And in this case, completely learning Three-Dimensional game Programming) isn't easy, and unless you expect your Dad to sit down with the UDK specification and read through it (That's what you have to do with Unity also, I would know smile.png). I suggest you try learning a language. You could just get your feet wet, understand at least a little bit what programmers go through.


Also, don't try to recruit anyone. The UDK (And Unity) forums don't need another teenager (I have nothing against them, however they're generally new to development, as you are) who has no idea about the work it takes to put out even a 2D game trying to recruit people for his new Zombie-FPS-RPG-MMO.


Start small. You're first game won't be a Zombie MMO (When I first started Game Development, I did the same thing as you are, with Zombies and everything smile.png). Learn how UDK works. Start 3D Modeling. Look at C# / Java. Maybe dabble in Web Development. Learn. There's a wealth of information, so get started. Cheers smile.png!

Thanks. But I will say that my game is definitely not a Zombie MMO. It's a FPS taking place in a mental hospital.


But thanks anyway!

In Topic: St. Abraham---First Person Survival Horror

28 December 2012 - 06:17 PM

Go ahead. I'm not going to use the idea myself, after all.

Ok.  I will give you credit though.

In Topic: St. Abraham---First Person Survival Horror

28 December 2012 - 01:48 PM

The hallucinations seem interesting. For example, they may tell you to kill your friend at a specific moment (or multiple times throughout the game), but if you don't, then later the friend turns on you and makes a boss-battle/whatever all the more difficult. Of course, if you did kill your friend, he wouldn't be able to help you and you might never learn of his true nature.

Well, there are no "friends". There are some NPCs, but they are rare and invincible. It's a single-player game.


Although, that idea could be cool..........mind if I use it?

In Topic: St. Abraham---First Person Survival Horror

27 December 2012 - 05:31 PM

There is a subtle way to tell if monsters are the real deal or not; their movements are somewhat different. For example, one hallucinated monster walks with a sort-of limp while its real counterpart doesn't. As for the voices, there really is no way. It's more of a "follow your gut feeling" decision. Of course, being led into a monster doesn't automatically mean death. It usually leads you into the path of one of the game's weaker monsters, not some huge hulking beast that can kill you in one hit. So even if you choose wrong, you can still get out unscathed.


I have started a wiki for St. Abraham:



It should tell you all about the game's mechanic (on the main page for the game itself).