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Topics I've Started

Problems after changing a new GPU card

15 February 2013 - 09:03 AM


My desktop originally installed GTX 480, since we want to do Opengl development, we uninstalled the GTX 480 and installed quatro 4500. However, the computer crashed again and again: 



One day later, we realized we still need GTX 480 instead of the quadro one, so, we re-installed the GTX 480 into the computer. However, the blue screen crash happened again. Then I uninstalled the previous Nvidia driver through (Control Panel\All Control Panel Items)Programs and Features. However, the device manager auto detection told me the driver is still there. Then I downloaded the 480 driver manually, install..... during the installation process, the same blue crash happened again..

How to solve this problem?

Will it be plausible to use GTX 480 for Opengl stereo-3d program?

15 February 2013 - 07:46 AM

I only have Quadro 4500 which I think cannot support stereo-3d display.

Also, there is a GTX 480 in hand. Although this GPU support stereo-3d display, it doesn't support Opengl 3d programming. We are thinking about using some methods like this one to enable the opengl stereoscopic 3d programming.

Get errors about redefinition (OpenGL 4.0 Shading Language Cookbook)

06 February 2013 - 09:53 AM

I just tested the code in chapter 1 (OpenGL 4.0 Shading Language Cookbook)

I have installed Qt5, qmake -tp vc chapter01.pro then open it in vs2010.

Built and got many errors like:

1>D:\APP\Qt5\5.0.0\msvc2010\include\GLES2/gl2.h(38): error C2371: 'GLintptr' : redefinition; different basic types
1>          D:\OpenGL\glew-1.5.4\include\GL/glew.h(1615) : see declaration of 'GLintptr'
1>D:\APP\Qt5\5.0.0\msvc2010\include\GLES2/gl2.h(39): error C2371: 'GLsizeiptr' : redefinition; different basic types
1>          D:\OpenGL\glew-1.5.4\include\GL/glew.h(1614) : see declaration of 'GLsizeiptr'
1>D:\APP\Qt5\5.0.0\msvc2010\include\GLES2/gl2.h(96): warning C4005: 'GL_BLEND_EQUATION_RGB' : macro redefinition
1>          D:\OpenGL\glew-1.5.4\include\GL/glew.h(1666) : see previous definition of 'GL_BLEND_EQUATION_RGB'
1>D:\APP\Qt5\5.0.0\msvc2010\include\GLES2/gl2.h(474): error C2365: '__glewActiveTexture' : redefinition; previous definition was 'data variable'
1>          D:\OpenGL\glew-1.5.4\include\GL/glew.h(12027) : see declaration of '__glewActiveTexture'
1>D:\APP\Qt5\5.0.0\msvc2010\include\GLES2/gl2.h(475): error C2365: '__glewAttachShader' : redefinition; previous definition was 'data variable'


First, I didn't explicitly include gl2.h in this project. Second, I commented out all OpenGL headers and these errors still exist.


How to solve these problems? I have attached the chapter01 code in this post.


Thanks in advance

Traditional OpenGL vs GLSL vs CG

30 January 2013 - 10:11 AM



I was just wondering which of the three is best right now?


I used traditional OpenGL like glBegin...glEnd. 


Last semester, I tried GLSL, which I think is more flexible, however, not so intuitive and very time consuming (Maybe I am not proficient)


One student recommend CG programming.


How do you think? 



Inquiry about the libraries and forum about Computer Graphics

26 January 2013 - 09:52 PM



I have studied the course Computer Graphics and used OpenGL & Qt for my course project. This semester, the course Virtual Reality require us to use OpenSceneGraph.

There are some great works done by some researchers:

A Statistical Similarity Measure for Aggregate Crowd Dynamics

Large-scale Fluid Simulation Using Velocity-vorticity Domain Decomposition

Continuous Penalty Forces

And the fantastic works from Siggraph

I was just wondering how did they do these kind of work? What main tools or libraries did they use? Did most of the work based on OpenSceneGraph or VTK?

Recently, I also found out it might be a good choice to implement a system by writing plugins for Autodesk Maya; For example: Free-Form Sketching of Self-Occluding Objects(Paper)

Moreover, do you know some largest forum for computer graphics? I only know CGTalk, however, this site is for artist I think.

Of course, gamedev is one of the best, any other relative forums?

Thanks a lot