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In Topic: Synchronous mobile games, have you done it?

04 July 2012 - 08:09 PM

way2lazy2care: (nice name btw)
I think multiplayer turn-based games like Draw Something are great for what they provide. They are legitimately multiplayer as you say and don't "abuse" social networks for the claim of multiplayer. They are totally valid, and a great type of game that, like you mentioned, works great with the limitations of a mobile platform. I brought up Draw Something not to bash on it (perhaps my wording / placement was wrong in the way I initially stated it), but rather to make a comparison to real-time synchronous games.

There is a big distinction between turn-based games and synchronous games, so much so that they deservingly should be classified differently. I think they're great, I play tons of turn-based multiplayer games (both on my phone and computer), and they definitely bring a uniqueness to the table. I just think something more can be done with synchronous games.

I always find it slightly ironic that a platform designed to connect people, at times seems so disconnected.

In Topic: Synchronous mobile games, have you done it?

04 July 2012 - 07:27 PM

Latency and dropped connections definitely seem to be the biggest issues at hand, I wholeheartedly agree.
alnite, you mention the type of market for most of these mobile users. I agree that there's a big sector of that who play games in a very "on-the-go" way for a few minutes here and there.

What I find interesting at the same time, is that there seems to be lots of studies out there supporting the fact that mobile gamers are more and more playing at home, (possibly on their home wifi) and for longer periods of time. That's not to say that everyone is doing that, but I can definitely see the market for these types of games opening up very soon.

Cost of bandwidth and especially battery, are very large concerns as well. At the same time, I don't see that stopping many of the more "intensive" games from becoming popular (talking about battery here). It's definitely an issue all intensive games share, but I wonder if its as big of a worry than we might think.

ddn3, did you deploy your own centralized servers or did you use 3rd party services for all matchmaking / leaderboards / etc? Sounds like you designed it with direct peer-to-peer connections and you used 3rd party services for NAT punch-through, etc? What did you use? Something like RakNet?