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[demo testers] Figment - Real-Time Multiplayer Survival Game [Android]

12 July 2012 - 10:56 AM

MARKET LINK: https://play.google....oragora.shadows


Figment is a top-down survival game where you play with a teammate to avoid getting attacked by these shadow monsters. They come to attack you, so you must defend yourself with a flashlight!

My company, Soragora, is making technology to help develop synchronous multiplayer games.

This is a game using that technology (it's a showcase / demo / test / fun project all-in-one).

The game is intended as a demo for the real-time synchronous technology used behind it, so many game features are not in placed. When we have time, we'll probably add levels, leaderboards, and many more game-play elements like new flashlights and new monsters. Hopefully you guys can still get the general idea and give us some feedback, that'd be great. Posted Image

Posted Image


The game requires you to play with a teammate, there is NO single player mode (its a demo, we realize that may be a killer problem for a real released game), but luckily, it pairs you up with a random player. You don't need to be on wifi or bluetooth to connect, it can work all over 3G / 4G, although for obvious reasons, the better connection you have, the smoother experience you might have.

If you see yourself not being able to connect for a while, try backing out and reconnecting, and in the worst case, shoot me an email and i'll play with you if nobody else will lol.

We're really just trying to catch bugs and make sure our technology works across more devices and such, so please give us your thoughts!

If you're interested in working with us, or want to build a game using our technology, shoot me an email at darrel@soragora.com or just check us out at Soragora

Email: darrel@soragora.com

MARKET LINK: https://play.google....oragora.shadows

Synchronous mobile games, have you done it?

02 July 2012 - 05:21 AM

Hey guys, I wanted to kind of open up conversation about what I feel like is a big lost opportunity in games today.

It's pretty amazing to see all these great mobile games out there now (especially ones created by a shoe-string budget with a team of two/three) and to see how far we've come in terms of technology that enables us to build these games with relatively low costs.

One of my biggest peeves about mobile games today, is the lack of good real multiplayer gameplay. I don't mean (excuse the bashing a bit) these Zynga social, share with your friends "multiplayer" games, and not quite the turn-based Draw Something's. I mean REAL synchronous multiplayer gameplay on my phone. The kind that you see dominating the computer world, any RTS, racing game, MMORPG, etc.

(before I go any further, I am going out there to say that bluetooth does NOT count. I do not play with my friends on my phone in person. How is that fun? I have a ps3 instead for crap like that. I'm talking about multiplayer over 3G/4G/wifi)

It seems like most indie game devs avoid ever going in that direction (I'm talking only about mobile here), because it's somehow way too difficult, or way too costly (in terms of dev time / people) to produce good synchronous mobile games. Yes, it is a lot of work that does require a big deal of specific knowledge, but I don't think this type of gameplay should be something inaccessible to game devs just because of a low budget (isn't that all of us..?) I can't even name 10 truly good synchronous mobile games that weren't made by some gaming giant like EA with a million dollar budget.

So I wanted to know what you all think about this situation. Have you ever tried making a synchronous multiplayer game (mobile or otherwise)? What were your biggest pains, takeaways from it? Was it worth it? Or why did you choose not to? What is it that you wish you had (dev tool/platform/etc.) that could make it all worthwhile for you?

I want to see what we can all learn from each others' stories and experiences, and try to spread a bit more knowledge about making multiplayer games.

DISCLAIMER: My company Soragora is making real-time multiplayer technology for games. This is NOT intended as spam or anything like that, but rather we're trying to learn more about the real problems game devs face today.