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In Topic: [Team][Looking for 3D artists & level designers] Isometric RPG

24 September 2016 - 12:57 PM

It might help to post anything of game(Screenshots, concept art, piece of story anything rly), so possible applicant can know what hes getting intro, whats the art style ETC.

GoodLuck!  :cool: 

In Topic: C++ Programmer Needed (Diablo 2 style Open Realm)

24 September 2016 - 12:51 PM

First thing, i clicked on link www.tkodo.com . There are literally boobs in center of screen, could write NSFW :P.


Tho this sounds quite interesting, although a bit scary since i cannot find ANY gameplay of the game.


What I want to do with the program: Create Skills, more spells, add a complimenting combat action, upgrade the DX version, finish the external overlay, create a all In 1 camera system, add a crafting system, add the demon grading system, change from .wav to mp3, add a gameplay map.

1: Skills, and spells are same thing differently worded, do you require mechanics to the skill (Code to orbit orbs around a character / point), GUI, or storage/cooldowns/mana usage?

2: Do you want to revamp / rework the combat system?

3: You want to rewrite the graphics code / engine, to newer version?

4: "finish the external overlay", do you need GUI?

5: "create a all In 1 camera system", Sounds like code spaghetti :D, or is it? .

6: Crafting system? sure. Is there inventory, and items to work with?

7: "add the demon grading system", you want skills again? differently named?

8: You want to re adapt audio to new format? What are you using that it doesn't support .mp3? but supports .wav?

9: add a gameplay map. You want environment artist / creator?


Sounds like you need half of a game here  :huh:

But as you said "Never stop".


Hoping to get answers, and please is there any gameplay/sneak peak of the actual game what's there?


Till then, BT.

In Topic: All Jokes aside, what is 6/2(1+2)?

07 May 2015 - 02:56 PM

Got rekt so hard, i blame that i am tired unsure.png

In Topic: Issues with IDE Linker? Why is this happening, and how do i fix it?

10 April 2015 - 02:45 PM

I also strongly recommend using #pragma once instead of include guards to avoid this sort of thing.  It gets especially silly in larger projects where you'll often have multiple files with the same name.

But isn't #pragma once MSVC only? is it crossplatform?, if not. That's why i use #include/

In Topic: Issues with IDE Linker? Why is this happening, and how do i fix it?

10 April 2015 - 10:23 AM

Oh god, i forgot to update, i fixed it. Header guard had name conflict... 

And yes, thank you for help. I decided to find issue my self, and i forgot about this post. I Was stuck for some time, and i was getting nowhere so i felt supper down. I really appreciate your help!