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Is there any chance of C# bieng adopted by the AAA game studios, as a replacement to C++?

30 November 2012 - 11:27 AM

C++ has a niche in Middleware development. Can C# replace it?

Is it okay to pun my school teachers in my small vedio game?

29 November 2012 - 10:06 PM

Me and my freinds in high school are essentially back benchers, and lately we are creating a fantasy, action rpg on school life (our school) using rpg maker vx.

The game may contain utter disrespect to many teachers (bosses) and to the principle (super boss). We will be sharing the game free with the fellow students only, but still, is it a good idea to release it among the students? Can it strain a student teacher relationship? ( If somehow the prefects, or maybe the teachers play it ?)

And most important - Can it strain our acedemic career?

Can a native C# compiler by microsoft change the standards?

29 November 2012 - 05:45 AM

C# is used in Indie game development, and for tooling at AAA game studios.

By this Job posting http://www.compilerjobs.com/db/jobs_view.php?editid1=648 it is rumoured, that microsoft is planning a same native compiler backend for both C++ and C#.....

IF this news comes out to be true, then can C# replace C++ as the AAA game industry standard???

Or, is this job post talking about something else?

C++ for AAA game engines

28 September 2012 - 05:38 AM

I have started a new topic, partly because the older one was eaten up by flame war, and partly because, I want to know the expert likes of game engine developers. Note: This is not a poll. I expect people having a background in HIGH PERFORMANCE AAA *GAME ENGINES* ONLY, to give out their thoughts. (To *game programmers* and game logic programmers - Don't get C#, Java, lua in between).

C++ as we know of it, is used in AAA *Vedio Game Engines* primarily because (correct me) -:

-> Technical reasons » Higher performance, Lower latency overhead, Portability, native runtime.
-> SocioTechnical reasons » Large legecy-active codebase, Availability Of libraries (the libraries will be alwayas more mature), Availability of IDEs and mature documentation. Also many scripting languages in games have a good C api (like LUA, so added up to that codebase, is our higher level lua, python codebase).
-> Social reasons » People dislike it, when MS or Oracle owns a language, People already know C++, There are no direct competetors (and if some people think that Java/C# are, they are wrong. . . C# directly competes with lua, python for game logic)( here I exclusively talk about AAA game engines, so game logic programmers, dont take harm).

C++11 solves the issue of development time, concurrency and learning curve.

Considering this, what is your say on the future of C++? Don't you think, that C++ for at least game engines will be used as long as we have vedio game consoles? Don't you think that we are so much dependent on C++ that virtually we can't do (game engines) withought it?

This is for the game engine programmers only. . . So when we are talking about unity, then be aware that its writern in C++.

Some newbies (like me) do love to code in C++

27 September 2012 - 10:06 AM

C++, which is important in our digital industry, is *indispensible* in the vedio game industry.
I enjoy learning/coding in C++, mainly because I love challanges, like many people do....(the best thing I like about it is ''whatever you learn - it is small'', compared to the vast language itself.
Major standardardisations also keep making it better (C++11)
In game industry itself, C++ is the best tool for the job for programming game engines (the best of the knights do it!!)

Considering the importance it has, can I say that ”C++ will be used for *game engines* as long as we have AAA titles” ?

Or, can I say that, C++ is going to be THE (only) tool for creating AAA *game engines* as long as we play on vedio game consoles?

Or, in short, can I say that C++ is going to be the vedio game (engine) Industry standard, for a very very long long time ahead?
I would certainly be very happy!!!!

Note : I am strickly talking about the middleware, game engines (add libraries like Direct3d and Open-Gl if you want)..