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Richard Cesar

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#4985133 Idea to prevent people from torrenting your singleplayer game

Posted by on 29 September 2012 - 01:54 PM

I don't see many people pitching this idea, so I figured I will chime in. The problem with DRM is obviously, as everyone pointed out, it fails to stop the hackers in the long run, and inconvinances your paying customers. This, obviously, in and of itself is not a good thing. But that does not mean do not protect against pirates. I'll admit to having pirated a few games in my life. I will also admit to shoveling out the $60 to purchase diablo 3 when it just came out. The reason for that was because of how difficult and degrading to the experience it would take to do other wise. Was it worth it, ABSOLUTELY NOT, but their anti-piracy measures worked for me. (However, I would contest most pirates are NEETs, and your never going to get a sale out of them anyways). But what if you looked at this from another angle, using what we know about the multi-player markets. Instead of requiring your players to go through intensive procedures to play the game, offer your paying many small (perhaps weekly) updates. New level, new dungeon, bug fixes, new quests, etc. In many cases content that could (if the game was built in that direction) pushed out very quickly. But _NO_ DRM required to play. An account would be required to get the update, and have the updates specifically keyed to their computer.

Now of course, the hackers will eventually patch the add-on content as well, but it would be behind that of your paying customers. These customers wont HAVE to get the update, but odds are if they have access to an internet connection they are going to want to. The pirates, though they will still pirate, will be behind in the updates. will have to constantly patch and repatch, and eventually the convinance of your distribution method may even convince those pirates that CAN afford your game, to do so, in order to stay up with the free content.